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This picture is not Photoshopped



I don’t think this is your lineup. Also very unbalanced. :sweat_smile:
Afterall, in Italy we are used to say:”Laugh to do not cry”
Very sad for you, tbh i’d already have broken my phone and put it into the toilette.

Not bad, i would have probably liked JPB.

Your lineup is pretty unbalanced, also.

Fury is tryin’ to make us cry with memories again.


You did not get the point.

Hint: Look in the top left.


Yes yes i have seen

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Welp. First of all, welcome to the community. Second of all, I like how you zoned in on the Labyrinthosaurus instead of the Scaphognathus at level 12. Long story short, I level froze super hard. I completed a Story Mission then didn’t click on the next one, meaning my Story Missions don’t trigger anymore and I won’t get exp from them. I haven’t completed a Daily Mission since hitting level 12 so exp doesn’t come from there either, giving me a ton of time to spend per level. Why do you think it’s impossible to get Labyrinthosaurus at level 12? Labyrinthodonta just had an unlock event last week and Argentinosaurus is a Battle Stage unlock at like Level 7. All you need is some patience to grab the DNA you need and boom, Labyrinthosaurus. As for the Scaphognathus, let’s say that Heart Attack gave me a heart attack :wink:


but why whats the point of that you would progress faster if you level up

actually other people choose not to do so because as you level up, so does the difficulty of your opponents. So if you are at a high level, while your dinosaurs are not strong enough, you would have a pretty hard time defeating them. Hence, by staying at a lower level, your opponents dont get too hard to defeat. At least thats why I do.

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That’s not my main account. I’m just messing around.


ok thats fine thanks for explain @meg123