This post is to show the creatures of the new update 2.3

who squeezed the stygidaryx?


New feature of the update that I don’t particularly like is that when you hover over a creature on a player’s profile, it shows you the stats of your creature not theirs… makes it super hard to find raid creatures with the right stats when scrolling through the friends list


Screenshot_20201201-153202_JW Alive

Not mine


neat looking. kinda wanted a white glow on it tbh.

It isn’t mine. But it is only at night and proximity. Just wanted to show everyone what it looked like. Pretty nice design imo

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Damn,he got lucky.
Anyone know what is the % of chance to find one?
If i remind:Common are 89%
rare 10%
epics 1,5%
So what will it be for legendaries?

From OrigamiRobot
For those worried about getting the new creatures, don’t be. They are incredibly common. Amphicyon is the most common short range spawn. Gorgonops is the 2nd most common. Megistotherium is slightly more common than Tupandacylus. Para Lux is twice as common as Rex.

I think it’s about the same rate as an epic spawn. Do not quote me on that

It should have rending takedown instead of rending attack, I was gonna level this thing for tourneys until I saw it had rending attack instead

I mean if you can swap it in…

Out of curiosity, is the epic spawn rate really higher for short range spawns?

I feel it…I just travel 800 meters and found one megisto

Screenshot_20201201-190006_JW Alive
Screenshot_20201201-190026_JW Alive


i quite like the look of pretty much all of these

I was disappointed by Aquilamimus, that matte black is just… boring. Not that its components have interesting colors themselves.

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just reading the details

So there will be more bioluminescent creatures :thinking:

Aside from all the bad that came with this update, those creatures are gorgeous. I really hope to get my hands on spiky sal at some point!


Shame that Treb doesn’t glow tho

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