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This problem really needs to be fixed

Let’s say you’re playing a cunning creature, against a fierce creature (tryko especially), you used instant distraction or stacked the distraction, the opponent dealt 0 damage. Here comes the next turn, the opponent is not distracted anymore but it’s still showing 0 damage on the opponent. You don’t know how much damage the opponent will deal, you can’t decide which move to go for as you can’t kill the opponent yet, you dont know if you should risk or not. Now you’ve picked a move, which didnt kill the opponent, and the opponent turned out to be able to 1 shot you.
This is just one of the bugs among all of them, but this can be game changing, in a bad way.


Yeah, the dynamic text is annoying when it’s wrong.


Well i still have the Metriacanthosaurus Gen 2 glitch i got it twice in a row

That glitch has been around for 2 years. It ain’t going anywhere .