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This really needs fixing!


I’m sick of missing out on dinos that I really need because of this. We have all experienced it but never gets resolved. Just remove them once thrrr complete!!


you can get that guy. are you still there?


Please tell us how


for next time.

  1. click on him and the strike tower will open up… exit out
  2. go to the dinodex screen and click on any dino then exit out.
  3. click on the locked dino again and he should be free now.
  4. keep trying this untill hes free.


Didn’t manage to get it as it de spawned. Will try that next time. Does that usually work?


yes and credit @SaraCuriosa she showed me the trick


@Jonny_Scott here is a video, hope this helps:

Does anybody found an effective way to dart dinos that are stuck inside supply/battle drops?


I will try this tomorrow and report back


Didn’t work for us :sob:


The battle barrel always came back first before the Dino :sob:


Hahaha has Ludia opened @SaraCuriosa 's video and decided to fix “it” so that they can chain these dinos harder.


Thanks for the info. I used it it worked got more DNA.


:scream: :scream: :scream:

Now I need to open up the app again to see if this works today xD


I’m going to try this next time it happens. Thanks for this. We still shouldn’t have to do this as I think Ludia could fix this easily enough but hey ho.


It’s better to use an older phone to do it because the lags it provides when switch from the dinodex to the map. Using a good device is very difficult to perform this operation.


@ResearchGirl as promised on SD in-app chat :wink:


Oh :open_mouth: bless you so much! You made this for me to show me :heart::heart_eyes: awwwww!
Ok I only tried this trick once so will keep trying in future. I see what do do now will just keep trying!

Much love :slight_smile: xx


Love the Italian voices in the background :joy:

Out of… curiosity lol… are you guys getting this on Android? Marshmallow version? Because we’re on iOS & the strike towers just come back too quickly


Grazie for the video! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:flushed::flushed::flushed: I was not awared it was recording also the audio… if not I could speak to you :sweat_smile:

PS I have android, version 8, Oreo