This rebalancing

First of all, hi, I’m new :slight_smile:

Just making this post in relation to the new rebalancing. So, I’ve noticed it with my Carbonemys, I have that in strike team as it’s tanky and useful against things like procerathomimus.

Now I’ve applied a few health boosts to my level 19 Carb and it took it’s health to over 3000. However, with this update it’s lost 10% of it’s health. It doesn’t sound a lot but it could be the difference between a win and a lose.

If they are nerfing these things, all 200+ of my health boost stats should be refunded in full, it’s only fair as I will probably need to adjust my team. They always seem to rebalance things that rarely need amended smh

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Sorry if the topic of this post has been mentioned before

I guess we all learn this the hard way at some point in our jwa journey. But better late than never! There is no way to be “careful” when applying boosts nowadays, there is always gonna be risks involved, and there will be winners and losers with every update. You can only hope you are on the winning side more than the losing side.

I get that but as someone who simply refuses to buy stat boosts (or in-game cash) and gained all of them through incubators etc, if they nerf a stat of any creature you should receive it all back in full as I have lost out. Otherwise it’s simply down to luck if the creature stat is nerfed or buffed by Ludia and all that grinding was for nothing.

Again, I totally get it but as per my comment to the other guy, it’s just down to luck then. If they nerf a stat, it should really be refunded in full. In my case, I never make micro transactions in this game so all stats are earned by grinding so I have literally lost hours of play time. Also, if it were refunded, I could bring in a different dino, to counter the OP dinos like Procerathomimus

Probably someone has mentioned it before, it’s likely ludia does not know whether a player’s boost is bought with hc purchased with real money, or hc accumulated via ingame playing. There could be a way of finding out perhaps, but just that ludia don’t find it viable/beneficial to do so.