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This relates to tomorrow’s update: ludia we will forget you

Okay now this mostly about a team I face and how this made feel how tomorrow’s update. Tomorrow tanks will become useless as more people go for evasive creatures and chompers. Stuff like stego, maxima and trago will slowly trickle away as they can’t don anything against dodge. Like this stego and trad did against this proRAT so soon people will dropl them and put in other creatures that may have a slightly better chance

Such as what ludia keep try to make us use indo gen2 whic by itself can reck teams with just CS

And once you finally beat everything and are just gonna win

Wether it be this or the new “reworked” rat they will just love to swap in and finish you off.

And while sure i won this battle made me realize this is how it’s gonna be just speedsters with boosted speed and attack, rats with crazy health finishing dinos off, and being so heath boosted they can just regen and do it again. Along with this stupid boost system that has been just bs since the beginning it’s made this game hell to play and players are waking up and realizing this and are leaving. Soon people will get tired of being screwed ludia, and they will leave you all along with this game that was once one of the funniest games to play in years but now your going like Pokémon go and it won’t end well but you still have time to fix it, you can change stats fix moves that are op, make tanks have more a purpose in the meta, lol honestly I remember when the game first launched and how much fun it was battle foes to play mind games, then waiting for the nexts update to see what new awesome dinos we were gonna get and what hybrids we could create but now you just maybe add like one two hybrid change the meta usually screwing more than half of all players and just sit around like you can’t hear us but it seems that this update has been the last straw for a lot of people and even hardcore gamers are leaving and if ya continue to just push for your own agenda you lose us and we will leave you behind the same way we did with Jurassic park builder, the same with Jurassic world the game and soon this will be next.


Very well said. This is sad but true


All games die, free app games die faster especially with pay to win itens, but lately ludia is trying extra hard to drive players away from this game, i love the idea and at the beginig it was super fun, now it’s just meh guess i’ll log in and see what are the missions, if it involves battling i just close the game for the day, hunting dna is nearly pointles since you need a set team to have a chance in arena, and even if you find those without boosts they’ll perform poorly, all games reach a peak, this one did when boosts were implemented, from the peak there is only one way to go, downhill, i’ll keep logging in and seeing how things go but won’t really pit any effort or money in it


Honestly same the only reason I’m still on is cause I wanna get every creature but ya ludia just seems to want and kill this game


This is the kind of company we’re dealing with here, folks. Since when have any of those dinos had a dodge move? :rofl: Screenshot is from my second account and one of last week’s strikes.

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I haven’t played with a tank since the horrible tank meta ended. I honestly am glad to see tanks rendered useless - which they’re actually not, but just sticking with the theme of the OP.

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I particularly like how it says use stunning abilities to slow them. And the first dino up is apato.


Jurassic world the game bombed when the wanted to test and see how many battles players would do for the same reward. Sure a lot of things had the battles go back down. But you don’t test on the main player base. That is what betas are for. I used to do every battle. After that I stopped doing them all. After they reduced VIP battles down to one day; I canceled Why needlessly nerf VIP? The whole thing started when they added the new cards, Sure they are cool but unlike the old ones you cannot choose not to use them in battle and save them for later. You also have to spend to get the only useful ones. Now they are added gen2 Rex and raptor. To make gen2 Indominous? In a game that allows only 1 hybrid per dino and they are going to make gen2s just to make the same one again? At first i are thinking Rex gen2 + ankylo gen2 not indom again.