This repeatedly makes me laugh


The funniest part of doing battle is when my opponent selects their Einiasuchus as their first dinosaur.

THEN… they choose to use “Adrenaline Pulse” as their first action choice.


It’s hilarious to see them regenerate their HP on a dinosaur that is already at full HP. This gives me a free hit on their dinosaur. I wonder if they think I’m cheating.


Maybe they are just bots.
I saw some lv25+ bots using Einia & other suchus would just pointlessly select heal move in the first turn.


Bots. Happens every time for me. Or someone trying to move down, but to lazy to switch to weaker dinos.


You might be battling my toddler. He likes to do things like that :woman_facepalming:


Its almost only bots doing that.
I hate them. They really take the fun out of a losing streak.


Oh poop. Well that makes it less funny. I thought I was battling dumb people. Haha