This second time around for 7 days of Dino’s was great!


I’d like to thanks jurassic world alive for a great event this second time for 7days of Dino’s was great selection and only thing I would change would be having 12 attempts stay for commons and keep 3 attempts for epics but change rares to 6 attempts would be logical 3-6-12 . Anyone else agree? Or am I wrong? I mean I really love the event don’t wanna lose it and I’m sure others agree so thanks for this!



Absolutely agree on this one


I say 4-8-12. 3 epics is enough to collect a full dino with skill but 4 gives a little room for new players. The 3 trex i collected yesterday were not enough to upgrade my level 16 and 4 wouldnt have been either


How aweful is it to look at the map and see a giant park just ahead of you and know you can’t get any of them because your event is over…:sweat::sob::scream::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::crazy_face:


I know right !! I believe there’s another 7 days next! Again ? Well they’ve went twice in a row now so why not I hope they do makes me wanna add coins to upgrade lol hint hint JWA!!