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This should not happen

So, yesterday in the battle arena I was in a showdown with my level 17 monomimus which is unboosted, against an 18 monostegotops with 1 attack boost, and my monomimus won. In the battle right after, my monostego lost to a monomimus. This should not happen, a resilient is losing to a cunning, its not 100%, but it happens a lot. I’m not saying that you should nerf monomimus, you shouldn’t, but you should buff monostego. Maybe bring up his hp and atk, and replace distraction with nulifiying strike. IDK wha are your thoughts?

Monostegotops isn’t a 1v1 dino. Its meant to be an in-and-out support dino.

I know, but it should at least be able to beat cunning creatures, like its supposed to

Monosteg is technically a wild card, not a resilient. It’s best used for swap in damage, chippi n your opponent down and then running or setting up a revenge kill

my point is, monostego needs a buff. if it’s gonna be a good swap in creature, its needs better atk at the least.

It’s honestly fine rn, it feels underpowered because it cant 1v1 much, but it adds great utility to teams

I think there is a misconception. Just because it wins in rock paper scissors doesn’t mean it can’t lose that draw a lot, it is just more favored, but moves, the way it’s played and what happened prior if swapped in all matters. It seems as if players talk about these things as if it was one on one the whole time and somehow forget each dinosaur after the initial opening has been damaged in some way except in very few cases it may take no damage.

Monostego does just fine against certain dinos - especially Carnotarkus. I agree with her being best as a support dino, rather than a 1v1 dino.

Monostego appeared on every top legendary team in the legendary tournament. However I am not opposed to buffing monostego

I’ve run a Monostegotops since way back, and wow it hurt me to drop her after the last patch that pretty much made her useless.

Even with loads of boosts she would still not be any use at Library upward so unless she is buffed a bit I can’t see me using her again.

Along with Maxi she can RIP on the bench.

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Monostegotops is often used to finish off low-Hp creatures, so a lot of its matchups will be against fresh dinos. You can’t dismiss the possibility of a strictly 1v1 matchup in a 4v4 match, it happens quite a lot.

You’re right about the typecast, but I think the OP is just looking for an excuse to ask for a Monostego buff.