This small change would make Tuoramoloch "decent"

Finally unlocked Tuoramoloch and yes it’s terrible. Damage/moveset/no armor etc.
However, what about its counter move still 0.5 damage but add 50% chance to stun on all counter hits. Simple addition would make it extremely annoying to battle against.

No, we don’t need more RNG. Unique dinos should be good because they’re the best of the best and the hardest to make. Not because they rely on RNG.


Give it 1200 ATK at lv 26 would be enough I think.

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1200 attack with that counter, health, and those moves would be a brutal combo. Possibly OP. I would rather it gets a moveset more viable in the current top end meta

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I also agree. I said it before on the forum. Either reduce the CD or change moveset. Slowing impact should be IC. And low stun? Maybe SS

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