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This time, its personal

Miska is a beast! LOL

Yeah idk who miska is but we battled twice and I won once but miska had the last laugh xD

Think I’ve battled them too with mixed results

Its starting to feel like the arena is about to balance out some. With the massive crutches moving up now. And I reached a new season high 5,701. With a bit more balanced long matches. Still crutches around but it feels better than earlier this week.

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Yeah, 5787 high here but still bouncing around - not dropped out of gyro for a while though

Miska is one of the Reddit2 alliance members.
They consistently beat me in the defense missions and even give me a run for exploration missions… Which is rather difficult to do. LOL

It’s looking like most are in Nublar now or getting close.

I think I’de rather stay away from nuclear shores. Lol with massive all maxxed boosts.

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Just made it in to Nublar Shores last season - didn’t stay long; haven’t bought boosts under Boosts 2.0

I remember fighting the same guy 3 times in a row, was pretty easy to spot because he had the classic crutch thor at 145 speed and the rest in DMG. Emote laughes at me when my poor erli (141 speed) even fails the first dodge and gets splattered. He then proceeds to obliterate my entire team with the thing and finishes me off with the maxxed hp/dmg rat for good measure.

Second game, basically same scenario, I see that same thor opening up and he goes through my indo despite the 3 successful dodges, Im limping by the time im through with the thor and lose again.

Third game, I figure im fighting someone else as hes opening with a 131 speed erli, its only when he strike and run into that same maxxed hp/dmg rat that I realize im fighting the same guy. My erli is out for blood at this point and get the cloaked rampage on the rat. After that, rest of his team is underleveled uniques with no boosts and easy pickings.

I usually just shrug at those crutch dinos as Id rather have a balanced team overall instead of hoping to pull that single juiced up dino, but I cant deny that during that third match, I was just :“wheres your big boy now huh?”


Oh man I would be dropping the yawn emote every round on that guy

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I would avoid it too. The time you spend waiting for a loss could be used better to hunt or earn money to buy boosts.

Take away the 2 min timer and Nublar is actually beautiful to play in. Losses are part of the game. Long waits for losses should not be.

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:rofl: so true!

@Rolybert Ahh, sweet revenge :slight_smile:

Why am I not battling you all!? :sob:

Every one of you are within 100 trophies of me. Lol

We did once I think :slight_smile: Or maybe far in the past also before I knew your name :stuck_out_tongue:

Last time I remember was in November.


I actually battle my alliance members frequently.

Happens from time to time but I think maybe 10 in total in my case. Nothing recent.
Then again, I do maybe 5-10 battles a day on average. Odds are low!
Surprisingly I ended up against PQC 5 times or so. But he’s out of reach now :slight_smile:

I haven’t battled @PQC in probably 6 months.

I’m staying between 5250-5490 right now. So there is still a chance.

Did I have my prime saurs! I don’t even pay attention anymore when I battle half the time I am doing something else on my other phone!