This time the developers of Jurassic World the game got heavy with the players

The battle with the use of Mods that the Developers put in for the 3 day period and a few hours to get Gigantophis is just too unfair.
All previous battles, it required me 1500 points to keep in the Dominant group, they represented 38 wins that I got playing 49 games.
This means that I will need 147 Mods to be able to finish in the Dominant group which will end up with my available inventory.
Worst of all, the prizes remain exactly the same as the battles we do without Mods.
In battles the Mods we have to face are of the Super rare and Legendary level making the battle very unreliable.
So very discouraging trying to win the prize that in the end will be very expensive requiring a lot of investment for little result.
It’s still time for Developers to balance this tournament by offering better prizes when we win.

Remember that only one percent of us are supposed to finish a tournament in dominator. Don’t get me wrong but maybe you are not ready to finish in dominator on a regular basis if you have to invest so many resources.
I never spent a single dino buck for cooldowns or any other resources in previous tournaments. I waited until I was strong enough and for the time being I was satisfied with the prices in the lower leagues.


@Tommi likewise. In the past when my lineup wasn’t so stacked sometimes a tournament would come around where I knew I had no business trying to finish in Dominator.

I spent a lot of time and resources building a deep bench. Im in a much better position now and I’ve been finishing in Dominator.


I may not be prepared for this tournament, but I have all the legendary level 40 dinosaurs, most of the fusion and special level 40 dinosaurs, which together represent 53 dinosaurs.
With this amount I can make 18 matches, if I win I will reach 706 points per day.
I have won all the tournaments held so far in the top 20.
I am absolutely sure that I will win this too, but my comment was of the injustice we are suffering because the prizes offered in the battles are not the same level we received when we did the PVP battles with mods.
This is what I wanted to convey.


I understand now, my apologies for misjudging you.
Of course it would be only fair if they grant us better prices in tournaments like this. But you can be sure that this is never going to happen.


@Evaldo_Barboza_Paula I see your point. I am in no position to comment because I haven’t participated/seen the prize wheel yet. I have Dino’s and mods up the wazooo but when I see a modded tourney I am more inclined to pass on the whole thing.

Made it to Dominator using the standard line up of creatures (except for the first two battles) and 2 common and 1 rare mod in each battle. If this holds true for the rest of the tournament the only increase in cost will be the usage of MODs that can be collected with coins. Now would it be nice if they upped the prize or the prize wheel of course it would be but I don’t think they are out of line with keeping it the same as a standard tournament we also don’t know yet what the numbers of trophies will be to stay in Dominator, the last MOD tournament was just under 900 trophies so in a way you could do less work and still get the same prize we always get effectively compensating is for the usage of the MODs.


Not to mention that this tournament isn’t running very fast for trophies needed. Plus there hasn’t been much of a need for mods lately.

I do think it has a feeling of unfairness when you compare regular PvPs to modded PvPs in terms of prizes but then we don’t see any improvement in prizes when the same switch is done in a tournament which is essentially just PvP battles. I expect @Tommi is right but it certainly would greatly improve participation I expect if players got a far improved prize wheel.

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