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This topic will be a year long

January: I purchased the last trexes for a indominus rex, I unlocked utahraptor, Ankylodocus, bonitasaura and labyrinthodontia. I got Tuojiango lvl 30 and my first coloborhynchus. And unlocked microposaurus and therizino!!!

Feburary: — I got indominus rex, aerotitan lvl 30, finnall unlocked CoT

March: —

April: —

May: —

June: —

July: —

August: —

September: —

October: —

November: —

December: —


Ostafrikasaurus Unlock will make it into the list soon.

Yup. Still waiting

And dimorphodon

Also why will it be one year long?

Basically a Thread to list progress and achievements throughout the year.

Ok. I can say mine: today i got Tupuxuara, Diplotator and Prognathodon.

yes thats right

feburary is out (i know its not done we are just 1third of feburary, but ill continue it)

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