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This tournament in a nutshell

I cannot believe how many times my opponents have had their super boosted Sarcorixis chosen. 50% chance for it to get chosen, 90% chance that person will end up as my opponent, it feels like.

Please I just want my takedowns, not for my team to be swept 3-0 by this thing over and over again.


I keep fighting rixis and rhino. Summarized

I don’t actually believe this but it seems to be many people’s canned response… make your own… or how about learn to counter it… sounds about right

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I have seen lots of rixis, eniosuchus, andrew, and rhino. Those I have seen repeatedly, and I actually saw someting I thought I’d never see, an unboosted rixis. I know I have one but I’ve never seen another, it was 23 but I was somehow able to beat it with my own at 22 because the opponents stun failed against me
I would have ankylodicurus on my team to counter it but I don’t have the coin to match it to my team

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Same here. Not enough coin

I can counter andrewsarchus with my 21 gamma or 19 blue, but rixis is incredibly boosted when I fight it, so…

I’ve just done four battles to get my 10 takedowns. I’ll play some more over the weekend. But out of those four, I faced three Sarcorixis. It’s a nuisance but it goes down eventually.

My first battle of the tourney saw me get wiped out 3-0 by this guy:

Screenshot_20210326-142102_JW Alive

It’s the shape of things all tourney really…

Screenshot_20210326-143450_JW Alive Screenshot_20210326-143305_JW Alive Screenshot_20210326-143915_JW Alive

We might as well call it the “Whoever has the best Sarco wins” tournament at this point.

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Lvl 30 almost maxed Suchatators are so annoying.

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Guys it’s an advantage tourney. Everyone can choose to use their resources (in game and in real life) however they want. The rules of an advantage tourney have been made clear from day 1 so no one should be surprised that they are facing crazy boosted sarcos.

What is shocking is expecting to win an advantage tourney with unboosted dinos. You either choose to boost your dinos to keep up or you drop however low you need to to get your 10 takedowns and move on. Complaining about something being exactly what it was designed to be is pointless…


I have mixed feelings towards advantage tournaments.

Besides, there are pros and cons to everything in life. You can’t make everyone happy.

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Do something about it… going agains crocs of level 30 isnt fun and losing always with nothing you cant do about iy.
That sucks