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This tournament is a joke

‘Hybrids only, rare through unique, no flat level’, so isnt that just Arena except we have to shell out coins to participate in the same ridiculous, boosted insanity as usual? What was the actual point?


That’s how Ludia fixed the problem with switching team every time between arena and tournament :rofl:


And add an extra boost sale on top of that. Did someone at Ludia need to meet the quarterly projections?! Because bam there you have it


Thats how ludia dev team looks like
For having the great idea to add boosts to JWA
How can someone be so dumb :fist_right: remove that c**** once for all

Its working for their bottom line no?

The tournament is unfortunately not for the faint-hearted. I dun like it and I am the target audience. Main reason: there are icky humans who want to win.

The only joke that’s bigger than this tournament is my existence.


When Ludia does these tournaments, they really should make it as different from the arena as possible.

There have been tons of tournaments and the first time we gave got to use uniques. It is about time.

I would agree though it doesnt actually change the composition of the top 100 or so.

Since my Kapro is not a hybrid, can’t bring him in as anti-rat measure, which makes my Utasino less likely to get rid of rats. So tournament’s plagueing me with rats in addition to heaps of high level uniques. I’ll just settle for whatever HC i get from it and hope for a rare + epic non-hybrid flat level tournament in the future.