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This tournament is my fave so far

No sarcasm. No salt. I really do love this tournament.

I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with new creatures. Entelodon, Megaloceros, Bajadasaurus, and there’s even been a chance to call out my ol’ pal Erliko Gen 2. No boosts and equal levels means I have to use more strategy than ever. Thanks to the variety, I’ve barely had any speed ties this time around.

I haven’t felt frustrated when I’ve lost battles. RNG has felt strangely balanced here (well, save for that one Kelenken who dodged about 10 times in one battle).

I’m gonna feel sad when it’s gone. Back to the boring old boosted arena and the equally dull ‘who’s faster with boosts’ game…


Many of the new creatures from the latest patch are so strong in this tournament.

Baja and the deer is really really good.

I am finding it a bit tiresome with the swap in strikes, stun rng, the speed ups, the evasion, and the speed ties. Trying out bambi and baja fresh has been fun though. :slight_smile:


It’s cool, but I’ve seen better

When you see there are 7 minutes to go and you are now 51st place. One last panic match, it’s 2-2 down to a single attack, and you lose. FeelsBadMan
Oh well, got bunch of emotions at least

I didn’t play that much, but i had fun. Ended up in the top 5K so i at least got a return on my HC.