This tournament is pointless if you don't fix your stuns in this game


Me personally I’d like to remove everything but greater stunning strike from the game but I can see where people wouldn’t be happy. It’s pointles to play when you stun or become stunned for three turns in a row. I recall not getting a single shot in with two dinosaurs bc of the supposed to be lesser stunning strike. Ik you guys asked your players about crits but that isn’t even a problem I heard about from anyone. I ask my friends and most ppl on social media agree your stuns are killing the joy of playing this game.


I disagree. We need stun to beat higher level players. Immune dinos work well versus stunners. What we need is fairer rewards with the tournaments so all can progress and not just those who have unlimted money im real life hehe


Immune dinos are your friend :grimacing:

The purpose of the stegoceratops is to stun lock. Render stego pretty useless with just one stun move :man_shrugging:t3:


Hey guy’s first off great game. But the stun needs to be fixed my dinos are getting stunned for 2 rounds mostly on the stegotops but it can happen with all stunners.


Best advice I can offer is to have 1-2 creatures on your team with immunity, meaning they are unaffected by stuns and stat reduction attacks. Dimetrodon, Postimetrodon, and Ankylocodon are some examples.

In some matches your team will hardly ever get stunned; in other matches, you’ll get stunlocked and won’t be able to do anything. It’s just a part of the random mathematical chance of the game, even if it’s super annoying at times. We’ve all been there. :slight_smile:

Best of luck and happy hunting!


I think there is a bug with stegoceratops! Mine stuns only once but every opponent I fight gets 4 stuns. Every move stuns me and I lose if I don’t have my indom


Can’t complain much about being stunned cos I do get to stun my opponents non stop at times


Yeah the ratio is definitely off for me too, my stuns almost never work, and yet I get stunned incessantly, but I enjoy a tough battle so I’ve made peice with it.


Too many dinosaurs with stun is the problem. A lot of my recent losses come from stun based teams which have replaced the old raptor spam.


To everyone in this thread, the stun is a random mathematical occurrence based on RNG and despite the %chance being high or low it is still possible to have the least desirable outcome happen each time.

Observing any imbalance in the ratio of stuns is invalid since the % is based on EACH chance and not an overall % of times it happens.


Also, everyone keeps saying “my stuns fail but my opponents always work, its unbalanced” obviously if your opp stuns work then theyre working just fine and youre simply unlucky. The game doesnt target anyone and declare “YOU SHALL NOT PASS… To the next arena”


they could put a mechanic so that if a dino gets stunned it become immune to it the turn after then it can be stunned again.

  1. stun
  2. immune
  3. can be stunned again

that can avoid stunlocking


Stuns in this game are stupid don’t rely on yours working and plan around your opponents getting of almost 100%


Stuns are really useful and can turn defeat into victory on occasion. Take them away and the ‘best’ dinos will always win. That is so boring.


Can make the arena completely unpredictable too not like anyone needs to win right?


There should definitely be diminishing returns on stuns had a lvl 17 stegotops almost wipe my entire team after it stunned me 9 consecutive turns in a row. Would also make sense if the dinos armor affected stun chance.


I don’t care about being stunned but getting stunned for 2 turns is what I’m taking about from one stun attack. Now I did a stun attack and my dino gets stunned vs a raptor come on fix these little bugs. That makes me want to stop playing.


Fine with that. Give him a rampage instead of impact. Or take greater stunning strike out for it just not two stunning moves in a row. I also feel lower stunning strike have a way higher chance to stun than its showing.


The only successful way I’ve found to counter an Indoraptor is slowing it down with my Stegoceratops and then stun away and hope some damage will land. Either that or bring in the raptor and pray for both attacks to land. I need stuns in situations like that.