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This Tournament: Meme Edition

I like this tournament and it’s also infuriating. I know, let’s make a meme thread out of it for the last day it’s active.

Ok, I don’t actually have a recording, but here’s something.

Me: About to kill my opponent’s ardentist with my tryo

Opponent: Swaps to tryko

Me: Eh, he can’t kill me

Tryko: Haha crit go brrr

Me: …

Game: And that makes 5 losses in a row! Wow, you suck!

Keep the memes coming!

What could this tiny little warthog possibly do to my majestic self…

Haha one shot go brrrrr


I don’t like that pig.

(Y) S_ame


(Y) what is this (Y) for


Assuming tryko is set up: Instant Invincibility on his PFS ensures that Piggy really doesn’t like Tryko - nor the 6300 damage DSR his MF set up. :v

I mean, it’s the best creature in the game, so it’s not supposed to be fun to fight

Yes but when you correctly predict their instant Invincibility and just go for mutual fury and then pfs you end up with a lovely 5800 dsr

Correct. Entelomoth vs Tryko is a fun guessing game that’ll result in 1 of them getting SLAUGHTERED. Which one is anyone’s guess. :v


Heh, that pig is so annoying. And I was happy when I finally took it down after losing 2 critters to it… Opponent: “But wait, there’s more!”
Opponent: brings smaxima
Me: digging my grave


No. It should’ve been: brings Gemini

At that point opponent could have brought a Tryko and I’d still die.