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This tournament shows how good this game could be

Despite Maxima and Tryko still being stronger than the rest, they can be dealt with way waaay easier without boosts, especially Tryko. That is, of course, if you have good counters created to use… Sure we still have too much luck involved, sure we still have many of the same creatures in most teams… but for the first time in a long while I haven’t seen that “OP combo” of broken creatures. Really enjoying the tournament so far!

Oh, of course, except for one thing… one small little annoying thing that maybe we haven’t talked much about here before… SPEEDTIES!!!


Same. I kinda wish they would fix the speedties too. I would like more strategy


Don’t forget connection issues


I’m loving this tournament, when I’m not busy hating the aforementioned speed ties and connection issues. I feel like this might be one of the most balanced ones yet, ironically.

I haven’t gotten swept by anything so far, and it feels great. No Entelomoth, or Procerathomimus, or Sarcorixis or Indom G2s setting themselves up and then taking out opponent after opponent.
Even the matches that seem like they’re going to inevitably go one way can easily be flipped with a tactical swap or prediction.

There is one problem though, and that’s a lack of DoT. Shields are relevant as ever, but DoT is nowhere to be seen. I even dropped my Thylacotator early on and I think I’m better off without it. The Unique bleeders definitely need a buff.


Pterovexus is good, but situational. But I agree, they need some love. I will say that the creatures bleeders should counter have been flipped (@Thylo_75 could vouch for this in grypo’s case)


I admit, I preferred the rare tournament. I think I’m just bored of seeing Ardentis and Tryko all the time. So far, every match I’ve had has started with Ardentis as their opener.

But overall, it’s enjoyable. I do agree that DoT critters need to be buffed, their nerf was unnecessary (as were several others in the latest patch).

Most, if not all bleeders should be immune to decel, or resist it in some way. They can properly deal with tanks while being wrecked by creatures like magna and phorasaura


Just curious,this afternoon,i was EXACTLY thinking the same!
Are boosts the problems? :blush:


Hold up what? Lol sorry don’t understand

I swore my grypo just rinsed your thylac

Nope…I lived the thing with thyla is that o need to go DP then RD and then repeat two times and gyrpo is dead

Of course, but my grypo was injured, but in 1.14, grypo would’ve just died. The cleansing strike is really good with bleed

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Quite a good match

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Lol not on my end my thing crashed when we started with tarkus then had to rush back in and was completely lost

But still GGs all around

IK. That immobilize on the ID was my saving point

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Lol ya but even though you did that with thyla is wasn’t eneough

But I like thylo for that reason it absolutely destroys tanks and chompers; but put in a speedster or stunner and it’s stopped dead in its tracks. See that called balance lol

I will say that the epic hybrids are some of the best balanced creatures in the game. They all counter each other. The uniques and legendaries I wish would mimic this (as there should be power differences, but not like smilo vs maxima)

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