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This tourney is trash... like most advantage ones (poll)

…I mean… seriously?

Do you like these tourneys?

  • I like these tourneys
  • I do not like these tourneys

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What is the biggest problem with this tourney?

  • The medal earning system
  • The highscore system
  • The matchmaking
  • Boosts
  • The tournament being advantage
  • Anything else (write it in the comments)

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“Connection problem”
Meanwhile, my signal:


Also the game has being blocked on only winning 3 medals for the 1000 points fro alliance tournament reward. I´ve just earn around more than 10 medals and i still whitout unlucking the 1000 points for my alliance contribution. Also the tournament reward on my phone is the Epic Trex, not the Rara one (Trex gen 2). Good job ludia. Sometimes i fill that this game developers doesnt care about this community. Honestly. The only thing good that i have see is that @ludia has reintrodiucced the lasty week epic cute incibator assault. (Sorry for my english)

Yes, the same happends to me A LOT, and when i say A LOT, it is. Im sure that they will tell you that is a signal problem.

My head hurts from how furious i am.

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So disgusting, yes.

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Happened on all but 1 match during the 10 takedowns fight.

I think JWA has a problem today. I’ve been getting that error with strike events, and even using sanctuary items has been glitching (it used two of my interacts, one after the other instead of just one).

Had sanc problems too. It said something about “Please wait,” and about the server.

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Seriously? Sometimes i think why am i paying for being VIP to support the game if the cant even fix something whitout creating new problems?

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The big problem with these tournaments is boosts. A level 30 Indo2 is almost unbeatable but with a combination of tanks you can beat it. An Indo2 with boosts against other creatures without boosts is just gross.

I played the tournament for a while for the alliance but when a booted Indo2 appeared as the first opponent, I would turn off the game and leave the opponent playing alone.


Fixing something while creating new problems is quite frequent in coding (at least for games, that’s what I’ve experienced). But at least I fixed the stuff when it’s been pointed to me.


The medal system is clearly broken, as so many have pointed out time and time again.

But apart from that, I would love if this tournament was boost-free. Boost free advantage tourneys are the closest thing we have to the old arena, and they would definitely be more fun.

But apart from boosts being a problem in general, I don’t see any problem with them in this tourney in particular. Most of the heavily boosted teams are too high level for me to beat anyway.


Indoraptor 2 shouldn’t have that speed up with CS. That’s what makes it far too OP still. Otherwise, the speedup should only last for one turn. That way, after using DSR, it’s back to no more extra speed. I’m also not sure why it has to hit through cloak…


For this tournament it does not matter if Indo2 increases speed. Most Indo2 have speeds over 140 and even 150 and no rival exceeds 132.

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I do have a critter on my team with 145 speed. It’s my fastest and the only one who can counter an Indoraptor 2 (aside from my own Indo2 of course). I know quite a few players with speedy Phoru as well, so the speed up definitely impacts a fair amount of dinos even in this tourney.

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Same here, I’m currently first in my comunity in the tournament, my top dino is 24, and I fight against 29 and 30, man, is so frustating. :unamused:

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Whine whine whine.

We get alternating tournaments. Skill, then advantage, then skill, then advantage.

Some people prefer skill and some people prefer advantage. Quit complaining when you don’t get exactly what you want in the tournament.


Enjoy the tournament !! For me and for many it is over :slight_smile:


I hate the matchmaking. First I go against level 30s, get smashed, and then I am matched up against level 7s. :face_vomiting: