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This unfair battles are dishonest and not fair gameplay!


I’ve been thinking about this for some time now.

The difference between levels in a game are really dishonest. We all face this problem, regarding the level of dinos.


Level 29 dinos against my team with not a single dino over level 24.


Fully boosted. 4000 damage in rampage. Nothing in my deck can compete.


6 levels in difference, and with boosts, are like 10 levels in difference!


We constantly face this problem in the arena, and how do this inspire players to keep battle?

The main reason of this game is to collect DNA, use the DNA and create dinos to battle with.

Are you inspired to battle with your team when facing dinos like my example?

Please post own examples of unfair battles.


How many of these threads will have to be created before Ludia does something?


Standards are now raised for all Arenas. Everything has evolved. What you’re seeing are the new normal because of the congestion up above.

I have no chance of staying in the Library. Now hanging around Aviary with my mainly unboosted team. Not complaining. Just enjoying the game while it lasts.

At times I’ll take a 3-2 win. Other times I’ll be happy with a 3-2 loss. By the way, I have many other screenshots of me facing L30 creatures in Aviary. So again as I’ve pointed out earlier, I believe that it has now become a new normal for L30 teams to hang around Library - Aviary. Especially teams that are non-fully boosted. Non-fully meta.

So, from what I’ve figured out.

Beach - L30. Meta teams. Fully boosted. Highly skilled.

Depot - L30. Meta teams. Non-fully boosted. Highly skilled.

Library - L30. Non-meta teams or a mixture of both meta and non-meta. Mildly boosted. Skilled.

Aviary - L28 - L30. Non-meta teams or a mixture of both. Non-boosted or mildly boosted. Average skilled.


That doesn’t make it right. They need to fix the shores. I don’t care if they make it 7k and up and make gyro 5k and 6k. Anything would be an improvement over what they are doing now. Ideally adding a 7k and up arena would suffice for now.

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Such matches will never be fixed by a small change like increasing Shores to 7k or adding 1 more arena above if Ludia doesn’t make huge changes to arena as a concept.

I wrote how to fix it and Ludia might do the easy things in isolation to pacify players like me.

Arena now is a free for all concept. It isn’t about fair matches but just battling a lot. The prizes are pathetic and the anger is huge. This is what Ludia wants in arena. Angry players who in theory buy boosts and DNA. Rather than quit and let things rot.

Resets need to be revamped. Trophies have to be increased seasonally not decreasing. There is too much to be done in arena for Ludia to try to pretend they can fix quickly.


Ludia knows what they are doing, is just to frustrate evryone to push you spending more cash on the game and no updates gonna fixe that becoz it just a marketings formula


Adding a 7k and over arena in would remove 50 people from shores, how are those 50 suppose to get battles? The chances of being online at the same time as another is slim and wold be even worse nearer the begining of a season as would be even less than 50.

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Aviary range is from lvl 20 to 30 actually. My brother has 4600 trophies with lvl 20 and 21 dinos and also battles against dinos on this level and higher. I have 4900 trophies with lvl 22-25 dinos and battle against everything between lvl 21-30. I agree with everything else you wrote though.

Those 50 people are dominating the shores. You really think keeping those 50 people in battles is worth tanking the whole game? My whole alliance has stopped spending money on this game because it is pointless. With the current system you can’t spend enough to gain ground, period. Ludia could easily pump up the boosts on the AI battles and make them harder. Heck they could give them nothing but goats in the arena and make it a real challenge. This isn’t some revolution here, it’s what every other video game without a PVP component does.

He actually has Aviary strength dinos.
OP puts in lower level teams on purpose for screen shots.
I really don’t know what he’s trying to do.

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I’d argue he has upper library possibly lower gyro Dino’s…

He chooses to play under leveled non meta teams in avairy. Like he doesn’t get it’s an arena full of lvl 30 Thor’s, indos or expects match making to find him an opponent with a team leveled like his.

The reality of it if your in avairy with a team of no higher then 24… your gonna have a lot of bad games


This has a way of fixing itself, making 2 categories of players, perhaps the confrontations would be more even, in category 1 would be those who pay everything with real money, in category 2 would be those who play for free, that would make the people who have Overfed creatures will face each other, and those with less increases will face each other, so there could be more parity, that is possible, Ludia knows who pays and who does not, that is why the alliance tournaments are favorable to certain people.

Dont think it would work. You have a wide array of spending degrees. Some only pay for VIP, some spend upwards or hundreds, and some only spend $2-5 every so often. It just wont work splitting players into ftp and spenders and will jsut frustrate people because the pool.of potential players on either side just got slashed.

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No one could’ve put that better, I’m surprised I’m still in Aviary what with all the mess that’s been made. Maybe Mortem really helped that much

That works if spending money made any difference and would not result in more anger and then quitting.

You need to make the paying customers excited enough keep buying your sale items but not too angry they consider your sales as scams and stop playing/paying. Ludia has failed this part.

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Ludia is listening to a small minority of the top 50 who wants to battle humans only. AI doesn’t cut it. They enjoy the pain of others. I have spoken to the top players who are less jerky, they dun want this mess in Shores either. They like me want AI more and better still that AI gives trophies. This actually will increase sales of HC since if Shores reverts to original matchmaking or a new arena appears to pull the top 100 away from the rest of Shores, AI will be more often meaning instead of kicking other players down and flying away, they will be climbing up slowly while other players climb behind them. Also more people who spend more HC to speed open incs to grind for boosts and just incs in general.

I have suggested changes that would pull the top 250 to 500 away from the pack over a few months time so everyone can feel progress so less imbalanced matches and more importantly less droppers.

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Avairy is kind of a weird place game mechanics wise and I think some of that plays into the mess that is avairy. I’m mostly looking at the pity timer because it comes into play as soon as you drop out of avairy and can push players right back up.

A team that has say a 40% winrate and tends to do a lot of bouncing between ruins and avairy… might barely ever set foot into without the pity ai. Pair that with the fact match making seems to almost always match people at 4400 with people between 4500-4699. And you’ve got some teams that aren’t really avairy teams that get just enough trophies and just enough wins that they can kinda hold their ground at the bottom.

Those teams are propping up other teams… teams that can beat the bottom avairy teams but really have no chance against the upper tier of avairy teams.

And those teams can have a few 30s… might even have all their boosts in just those few… so they can destroy a lot of the “other” avairy teams… but they can’t take library teams and even teams similar to themselves comes down to who draws the best lineup.

It’s not an easy problem to fix…but I’ve never liked the pity ai. Rewarding someone for losing isn’t something I’m a fan of. And propping someone up just so they can play the role of fodder isn’t exactly a good mechanic. But if they get rid of it now the bottom is gonna drop for a lot of teams. It would help match making but how would everyone in avairy really feel if the suddenly dropped a few hundred trophies.

Pity AI and AI seem to be different. AI doesnt give trophies and usually is less boosted than humans.

But this is a PVP game, thats why I play it and have no interest in battling the AI. I’m not top 50 but if it was me, i’d be really pissed if Ludia turned round and said ‘oh sorry, you know all that time you spent grinding DNA (and in some cases all that money spent), well you got too good and so you can’t battle real people any more’.