This upcoming tournament is TERRIBLE

Seriously, Ludia? There is virtually no incentive to feel motivated in performing well in this tournament, lot alone a top place. You’ve essentially butchered the motive to be ranked the best

1st place is the same cash & coin reward up until 5th place? Where is the logic in that. Now before I hear folks whining about “but they already have strong dinos! Why do they need more money?!” Ummm, Newsflash! Leveling up your dinos at that point in the game IS EXPENSIVE!!! Fun fact, did you know that leveling a Dino from level 29 to 30 250,000 coin? 1st to 5th place get in essence one level up to one of their best dinos.

That makes sense for players that already got high in the rankings, but why penalize the players that literally slave away hours just to come near to that point of rank? Most of these players are already the ones proving they’re dedicated enough to put forth the time, effort & resource in trying to be the best potential this game offers, why punish them?

On top of the matter, the Guarenteed DNA holds no promise for future success and is simply a new dino, by which does nothing to inspire reason to succeed.

You messed up on this one, Ludia.


100% correct. I may just sit out this tournament. Not worth the frustration


This is the outcome you get when Ludia listens to the constant whining on these forums about everything being unfair.


People cry nerf everything, nerf happens, people :frowning:.
I don’t have issue with the top players getting better prizes they’ve earned them.


I hadn’t seen the tournament announcement before this thread. Thought it was a parody on all the crybabies, purposefully made to be absurd: complaining before tournament is even announced. Laughed very hard at the title.

Then after I started reading realized it’s not a parody, it’s the thing itself =(

After I finished reading I realized again it’s actually a legit complaint about the tournament, not the usual “rich get richer” whining :smiley: Top ranks should obviously get top rewards, not some dsungaripterus DNA.

I’m going to play this one causally too…

Hopefully this will give more players a chance at grabbing number one :1st_place_medal:


Half tempted to tank my rank to terrorize other players just to spite Ludia

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It would only hurt lower players …

Wanna spite them,
Don’t buy something that you otherwise would have.


Please don’t terrorize us, we’re doing our best! And I’m already terrorized enough at the costs of evolving my dinos with my limited coin supply. The anxiety of choosing the wrong one has me on my fainting couch with the vapors.


Angry at Ludia so you threaten to take it out on lower level players. Neat logic.


Sounds logical

No, I do not lack the morals to tank my rank, especially for the sake of terrorizing. I’m just frustrated Ludia pulled a very Niantic-move


Yeah I’ll probably do that @Hersh. I have enough coins to get my Tryk up another level but after that I’d probably just withhold any further funding until they steer clear from this kind of behavior


Perhaps they have lowered the prizes to match the length of this tournament.Previous tournaments lasted almost one month and this one will last 10 days.May this is the reason for lower prizes.


Then why not lower the entire tournaments prizes and not just the top 3

Sounds like a good plan!

When I’m in your position, I go out and grab a burger and brew with that money instead and have a pretty good time too :sweat_smile:


They also said that they are changing up their matchmaking but did not say how. Some players are happy about the way it’s going to be done because they like the fact they’ll be able to get rewards this time. I don’t mind the fact that the extremely top players get a less rewards then they had the past two tournaments. They’re still getting good rewards. You’ve got basically around the same people winning in the top for the past two tournaments.

How I really think it should be done though is that there should be tiers. Each tier has their first second and third place. This way you have your top players competing against the top players and the medium ones against medium players and your lower ones against lower players. That way everybody can play and everybody has a shot at decent prices.


Lol idk for this one. If you are not feeling encouraged, my tent is open 24/7.

Hey I got a great idea: make Irritator the guarenteed DNA. Guarenteed you’d see players clawing their way up the leaderboard


I agree … a good tournament Dino could make all the difference (even if the DNA is just just two darting sessions worth)

300 T. rex and I’m there!

I think as a player base we can all agree that we would prefer DNA with practical use as Guarenteed DNA

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