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This update has gotten boring for me

I don’t know, is it that literally nobody wants to do raids with me, in my alliance I’m in, or this update has a big thing, but only that. I mean, yeah “every” dino got perfectly “balanced”, and the new moves have been fun, but I’ve mostly seen everything. Seen the updated creatures, hybrids, new creatures, but, that’s mostly it. If you think I’m wrong say it.

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I miss this already


It’s the same game with a different twist. Either we like it or we don’t.
The raids are a great addition, but can be too time consuming for some. We have been trying to coordinate outside the game so players don’t get frustrated trying to find people to join.
The dino changes are taking a bit to get used to, but ultimately the frustration for most players I’ve heard from are boost related.
I have always thought that boosts would be great if they could only be applied to max level dinos so there is more in the game for end game players.

Same here, and they made the same with Erlikospyx, it has no Dot anymore :sob:
I think Ludia has to give those abilities back!

I don’t mind the boost, it’s just. I don’t know. Every alliance I go to, they say they will support every member, but every one neglected me.
And, the new rebalancing was good, didn’t alter my team a lot, but it just faded to quickly for me, from “oh, yay!” To “okay”.

That’s why I seem to have gotten bored with the update, because I can’t do the update.

well the raid has been very buggy, but the balancing part is good don’t you think?

Idk, I’m a returning player, got bored after the Permian update and idk the game is kinda trashy now, mostly Bc of the Dino changes, I mean some are good like the evil chicken and the indo g2, but it feels like Ludia nerfed all the old OP creatures and buffed the trash ones, and what’s up with thordor? Why they get rid of rampage? Anyways I haven’t even been able to play a raid yet due to not having anyone to play with…I feel like Lydia had the right idea (for once in their career) but did it the wrong way, and his whole percentage immunity thing makes no sense either, it’s kinda stupid Bc what’s the point of 75% resistant to distraction if you never resist it? Or DoT? Should’ve just left that the way it was. Sorry for making this so long just had rant about what I thought.

What would you expect your alliance to do as a show of support?

I am asking because as a leader I wonder about such intangible ideas.

Well, the alliance itself is going good, but it’s just. I’ve stopped giving dna once I saw they weren’t giving atleast some back. Then, it came to raids, no one invited me, with me asking multiple times, and they kinda just left me.

Don’t worry about the alliance so much as discord.
Specifically the JWA discord.
I wont even do blind requests for raids unless I’m in front of my comp with discord, have my secondary phone running discord, and everyone of the 4 knows what their role is and what the plan is and is actually in the discord chat before raid start.
Luckily most of my alliance is on discord, but when they aren’t, I go to other channels.

I don’t know that the Dinosaurs got “balanced” in the update at all. I am trying to stick with the game for my Alliance, but it’s been gruelling to say the least.
I’m steady at 5500 trophies but 9/10 battles are either the opponent’s Ardontismaxima takes out most of my team and their Tryko finishes me…or my Ardontismaxima wipes out most of their team and my Tryko finishes them.
Its boring and infuriating.

Cool that you can actually play.

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