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This was not a bot

I just battled and my opponent brought out a lv19 Suchotator. He attacked my Allosinosaurus with the bleed attack. Next turn I swapped to my Monostego killing his Suchotator. Then he brought out another lv19 Suchotator with full health. I won’t bore you with the rest of the battle which I ended up winning because he was fighting with much lower dinosaurs. At first I thought maybe I misidentified the first dinosaur and they were fighting with two different Spinosaurids.

Now I know sometimes the AI will have the same dinosaur in a battle so I waited for the win screen to see who I was battling to find out if they were in my recent opponents list. They were. They have a trophy high of 4,857 so that may explain my team being matched against them since I’m normally around 4,700-4,900.

Their team consisted of;
Lv22 Indoraptor
Lv20 Indominus
Lv11 Carbonemys
Lv20 Allosinosaurus
Lv19 Purataurus
Lv16 Indoraptor G2
Lv17 Procerathomimus
Lv19 Suchotator

How was a player able to use the same dinosaur twice in a row? Or is this another bug caused by the pathetic constant connection issues? Note: I was kicked from the game after checking the player profile and cannot get back in now even though I have both data service and WiFi available, neither one will connect.

this is odd…
i had it myself to

Hey there, @James_Simmons, it definitely does seem strange that your opponent used the same dino twice. Our team would need to be able to take a closer look at things on their end in order to try and figure out what might have caused this to happen, so we’d really appreciate it if you’d contact them at and provide them with your support key. Thanks!

Thank you. Information has been sent. I like to try and think the best of people so I’m hoping this just turns out to be some odd bug.

I sometimes suspect some actually having some sort of kill switch. Especially low levelled players with high levelled creatures highly boosted, battle goes as usual untill they start to loose the upperhand all of a sudden out of nowhere the game freezes, no moves can be selected. Internet is fine (no notification about catching up or bad connection either) anyway… they win. Always. As if there’s a kill switch to kill the game if they lose. Not saying there is… but the scenario is always the same and it NEVER freezes if they’re winning