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This was really hard

… to obtain the OP one. But after 15x10s, 1x20 and 2x40s, I have finally fused my Geminitan!

I’m pretty sure that with his strength he should be in my team. But who should be benched? I’m open for all suggestions

All dinos are boosted equally, only Tryostronix is an exception with his 140 speed


15x 10s? Wow, that’s rough. Congrats on unlocking it!

Since your Tryo is boosted, I’d say remove Orion, but that Swap-utility can really come in handy in a pinch. Same with Smilonemys.

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Yeah it was very painful to see my efforts resulting in 10s…
Orion is without doubt my worst 1v1 dino, especially after nerf. His SID can sometimes be game-changing, although it may be not enough to keep him in my team
Nemys has extreme versatility, he’s at least decent against everything, so I’m sure that I want to keep him in team
I’m also not sure about Indoraptor. Only his high level makes me keep him now.

I decides to bench Indoraptor and now, after some games, I can tell you that it was a good choice. Quetz is better and more useful, even if he’s 4 levels lower.
It was really hard to say goodbye to Indo tho. He served me for entire year (I unlocked him on st. Patty event last year) and was my first unique. Together we survived many nerfs, buffs and meta changes. Now you can finally rest, Indoraptor :sob:


I know. It’s sad. Indo was always there to crit and save the match when I needed it. But finally the nerfs, buffs, and meta changes were too much. :’(
Grats on your Gemini.

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