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This was unexpected to say the least

I managed to run into (apparently) the only known legit owner of this thing. MOMMY IT HURTS


good choice of boosted creature for that player. Sorry for your loss.


I’m sorry you had to face that thing; but hey at least your like one of the first to see it


Wow! Could you answer some questions?

  • Does he have normal big theropod animations? I’m talking especially about his basic attack, is it the same tail whip as in raid??
  • Does he have normal big theropod sounds (like Tryko or Thor) or Rex sounds or unique sounds?
  • Do you have a picture of his moveset? Somewhere I heard that his basic attack cleanses too, but couldn’t confirm it.
  • Wasn’t your opponent an AI? AI frequently has dinosaurs that aren’t obtained by normal players.
  1. Seemed like it, at least for the impact and rampage.
  2. I play without sound, so can’t tell you.
  3. His basic attack is just a strike, and he also has Fierce Impact, Fierce Rampage and Cleansing Impact along with 75% stun resistance, 75% swap resistance, 50% dot resistance, 50% vulnerable resistance ánd 100% speed decrease resistance
  4. Definitely wasn’t.

Good for you…?

Ofc a shattering one?

Yep. according to the notes its called roar. A group shattering strike.


Yup. Dunno why they didn’t call it a strike, but whatever.

I think they also call it tail swipe or something of the like.

that’s what its called in the raid.

Ah, got it

All I can think is I have been in Aviary for so long, I forgot there were other backgrounds.


Muahahhahahahaha! This is unexpected tho


I guess the good thing is that at least means a powerful Erlidominus, Magnapyritor, and any other powerful speedster with a distracting move will be able to easily deal with it. And it’s 100% speed resistance means as long as it’s faster than Ardentismaxima and Trykosaurus, it’s the one creature those two can’t do a thing against.

Though I get the feeling that the second more players start unlocking this, we’re going to see an era of turbo speed boosted Mortems, like what happened with Thor not too long ago.


remember, it does have a cleansing move. so distraction is not always an option.


True, but at least that might make setting up a bleeder for a revenge kill easier, or vice versa, by forcing the Mortem to use the Cleansing move early.

But isn’t it immune to DoT

No it has 50% resistance to DoT