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This Week in JWA - “Does Ludia even care?” edition

Summary of events ranked from awful to annoying from this week.

  1. 2.9 update comes out with new feature for upwards of 20% of users (and any new users) where you can’t load the game.
  2. Android users find out what the problem is in 2.9 and post a workaround. Ludia doesn’t like this and deletes all solutions.
  3. 2.9 update comes out completely changing a whole class of Dino. Instead of allowing a boost reset they make sure the money and time spent on building dinos for specific roles is wasted (or half wasted if you remove the boosts)
  4. Cool off chase FIPs do not stack. Are you kidding‽‽ We didn’t learn this lesson from the anniversary AC?
  5. 2.9 update couldn’t even come out on time. People were thinking it is because they were making sure everything ran perfectly. They were wrong.
  6. Cool off chase is only claimed once but the basket is going to be there all weekend. Hope you didn’t want a more useful tower. Should’ve been coded to only appear once.
  7. Cool off chase this weekend instead of coin chase. This is a choice they made intentionally I am sure. But it’s a bad choice. No coins this weekend. Yay.

We’ve lost 10% of our alliance this week so far. I imagine many others are in the same place. Even if these events didn’t affect you as much as others, you should be at least wondering when they will do something to fundamentally hurt your game as well.

Hoping everyone is sticking together with the real money boycott. No cash to Ludia until they start caring more about the users.


Although I don’t disagree with anything you said the game has bigger problems honestly

Agree to disagree. The biggest problem right now is either Ludia doesn’t care or is doing their job poorly. It is all coming down to either poor decisions or Poor implementation.

This is stuff that happened this week. They have to stem the bleeding and fast…


About the loading problem, they care… because it’s costing them money… That’s the only sure thing we can say they care.

Not enough. The fix is to change a file in the recent version. People have fixed it themselves. But Ludia can’t fix it over 3 days?