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This week’s Utarinex tournamet

I started my tournament with 700 cups.
My first battle was against a person with these high lvl dinos:

My highest lvl dino is a lvl 25 suchotator.i managed to wim(somehow)because i had rat in my team that could finished off two opponents.I didnt deserve to win that battle.i was just lucky with that dracorat.but shouldnt i Also be matched with LOWER or SIMILAR at some point?my creatures lvls are 19,19,20,20,22,22,24 and 25.and i am still matched with these guys:

I may be complaining but to me-it’s not alright.All of the matches were at level of around 700-800 cups

Hey moderators i saw you were messing with my cut almost all of the text but i am still able to see what exactly did you change huh?