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This week

Sooo should I get an ankylodocus after unlocking ankylosaurus btw lvl 52 and should I do the gyrosphere event cause i have 660 bucks.


As for the ankylodocus go for it you will use it for some good amount of time. As for the Gyrospere it depends on the rewards so we will talk bout that later.

I rarely do the gyrosphere events.

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Go for it. Ankylodocus is an excellent value for the super rare hybrid it is. It can work in Dom battles at L20.


Gyrosphere is entirely up to you. The real competition for the DB it costs is modded PVP. Personally I prefer to do Gyrosphere runs over modded PVP but that’s only because of the horrible rng I’ve been getting in the prize wheel. Gyrospheres are for lots of fun and difficulty and a guarnateed common hybrid if you win, modded PVP is higher potential reward but I believe lower average reward.

In any case, if you’re at 660 DB, it doesn’t really make sense to go for Gyrospheres. I made it a rule for myself to only do them when I’m above 4500.

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sooo ok then any ideas what the reward will be for the gyro

Doesn’t it say on the cover? If you manage to complete the Gyrosphere run you get a pack, in which a common hybrid is guaranteed. Unless you’re VIP and you’re doing the VIP one

If you don’t manage to win the thing then forget it, you’re always going to be losing value. The pack for getting knocked out midway is basically like a daily missions pack.

no like isnt there gonna be a upgraded pack for halloween or is just a discount?

Oooh right. The upgrade thing this week. I actually don’t know, I haven’t checked Gyrosphere in a day or two. I guess we’ll see then.

oh ok so if there is a good pack should i?

Well, have you done Gyrosphere before? Do you know what it is? How good are you at it?