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This weekend "Coin Chase"

Ehm, is it only me, or this weekend “Coin Chase” only gives like 2.5 k coins and interaction stuff?, cause that would be the cherry on top after this week disaster regarding the new update, prices going up, ppl not being able to log in, etc etc etc


Yes that seems to be the case

Then in 9 hours you can do it again

This is disappointing

ludia continuously frustrating their players.

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It’s not the coin chase, the coin chase is on Sunday.

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Actually yeah you are right :rofl:

We should be greatfull Ludia has been so kind in amongst all this mess by giving us more coins :roll_eyes:

For those who can log on that is .

You’re right,my bad!..I woke up like 10 mins ago and I’m just making coffee lol

There is no coin chase. Look at the calendar. Same chase Saturday and Sunday.


If this is right, Ludia really wants to make more players quit

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i got 5 whole darts from one :confused:

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I thought so!!

That’s not great then!

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I was kinda unhappy when I realized that you could only collect 2500 coin and food, play and interactions. I thought it was going to be the normal collect up to 25000 coin.


The real one is tomorrow this is a bonus

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There isn’t one tomorrow. Look at the calendar. The same one tomorrow is the same one today.


oh you’re right, that makes it even worse!!

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Yep. It’s Seriously getting inevitable at this point.

This is so stupid. It only gives good rewards once and then it just gives darts… and sits there taking up space that would have been filled by green drops. I only have one green drop today because of this.


5 darts from a chest

I thought they would change the chests to normal for the last day but apparently not.
2.5k coins rather than 25k is a joke.
The sanctuary resources dont make up for 22.5k coins.
Edit - also funny that they have 3 coin deals in the top of the shop that require actual money to buy because they are added on with the incubators.