This weekends event - and thinking forward

Hi all,

Looking for some validation or advice here - originally I was going to go all anky this wekeend to try to get tryko. Until recently, I didnt have a great way to deal with stego/trago.

That said, IF the SS change really is around the corner, my spino can deal with either. Also, my new utarinex does a great job of setting it up and letting my next dino take it.

Its also level 21.

In addition to that, my tryo is finally starting to get a little meaty and hit hard. In reality hes able to deal with 26 stegos now lol, and each level adds a level of stego it can take down.

In short, Im wondering if tryko is worth the effort for me.

I worry about breadth vs depth. Should i have more lower level uniques, or fewer higher level ones? Im leaning toward the latter, but im looking for advice.


Today i unlocked Tryko,and for the few matches i have done,i am not impressed at all.It can be very good against tanks but all tanks at our trophy rank ( stego,trago ) are overleveled. On your case i would wait a little to see the 1.5 update , so we could know what will be the meta and if Tryko will have a buff or not.

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Problem is he can’t wait for the update.the special event is this weekend and you gotta chose ank or sino.


I thought the same thing,but i hope that there will be release news mid-week.If not i would count as much as i can the fuses so i could create both of them and not level them.Not long time ago,we had a poll which is the cutest creature,if the poll was about the upcoming Thanksgiving,i think most of us have chose sinoceratops,so Wrothgar will have another chance to level Utarinex.

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When is thanksgiving? We rock Halloween :jack_o_lantern: :ghost: down under but we don’t have Thanksgiving here? I was thinking the cuties were for Valentines day

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In the us its 4 Thursday of november.

Looking at your team I would go all Sino. Utari is on your team. And could use a lil more lvling up. Plus it is a beast in the current meta. Also the swap out helps with bleeders as well. Unless you want to add some beef to your raja. Then split

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Thanks!! Raja im not super sure about. I love him, but I feel my team is outgrowing him.

Not sure what Id replace him with. I love all this impact and run synergy.

Many ppl are not a fan. But megalo is one of my favs.

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Thanks! Itd be kapro competition, but it would allow me to use something i could actually level. Ill start working on that. Appreciate the suggestion!

Edit: would also allow me to use my utahraptor on utarinex and give spino a break. Overall works better for my team i think.

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Soooo I unlocked Tryko in that event and extremely unimpressed with it. Way too slow. Never crits and only has one crap first move. Needs more speed or invincibility.

I am confused what to do with my team now. I have 2 useless uniques


Pull out tryko, put in Indom or monost. And work on your trago to replace ankyn

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