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This weekends participation dillemma

Hi there dino busters! This weekend presents us two considerably time and dino consuming events that seems to be nearly impossible to participate in both with full throttle. I got an idea that the amphibian mission must be the main goal while in using of stronger lineups and the world boss event must serve as a secondary bonus as if you are using your weaker dinos especially the amphibians that you won’t use in predator/dom level for the most effectiveness. Any further ideas and suggestions to have an efficient weekend would be well appreciated.

I propably use some dinos for bos just few times to participate at in. i finish first 10 raid and reach boss to level 7 for sdna rewards and thats all with boss, tournament has higher priority.


If I’m not mistaken doesn’t gyrosphere give you Dino’s to work with?

Bosses are actually pretty quick.

You should ONLY do 10 missions Fri/Sat (no damage missions).

Sunday, you knock the rest out plus the damage missions.

If you don’t have enough dinos to do the boss that way, you likely don’t have enough to do both.

On Friday/Saturday, try to do as little damage as possible to the boss, to keep the rest of the missions easier.

As for the tournament, that is what it is. (I plan to put up 2000 trophies by Friday night/Saturday morning.)


It does, but we have a Boss and a tournament (and Gyro).

No there is yet to come another whole new gyrosphere event offers IRex as reward. Maybe it deserves its own tread, we will see.

Gyrospheres almost always give you creatures to use for the battles. You don’t use your own creatures for it.

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Oh I see, but as you say I am lvl 67 and in the middle of progressing yet, not that dominant on the tourney side. Thanks for the advice though, strategy noted.

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Actually I’ve found previously that if you complete all the missions to soon, some of the missions just refresh allowing you to complete the 10 raid missions sdna reward, happened to me in colossus, I will probably be doing bare min in this one though mainly damage missions


I think S-DNA becomes more vital at some point. I’m still digging for normal ones to max up my legendaries and some hybrids. Super hybrids beside Diplosuchus (he’s ma’ maan, high five!), are not even on my park yet. Deepening my bench is my main goal rather than unlocking new superhybrids for now.

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Can someone else confirm this?

If you do it this weekend, can you post screenshots of them gone/coming back?

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Yes I will if I I have the time to do all the missions.

It only works for 2 slots, no damage mission comes back and it’s either use 3 reefs, do 2 attack of 7 points, use 30 block points.

It let me do the final 2 raid missions needed for colossus

I have never seen the missions “come back” if it does it might be a glitch. I have seen missions repeat but within the total of the missions offered meaning if there are 80 missions available I might see three of the same mission at the expense of not seeing another mission but it will only be a total of 80 missions at the end of the event.

I tend to try to do 1/3 of the missions each day which is more than the required ten for the SDNA but it leaves less missions to complete on the last day. Boss missions will be using this creatures:


That’s a very deep lineup. But it lacks Amphibians. :stuck_out_tongue: