This week's cash box

I didn’t get any cash boxes around my house this week!! I usually get at least two … Has this happened to anyone else??

This is something that plague me every Sunday, missing coin boxes on my map, yes outside of my circle they are there just not within my neighborhood perimeter. Another coin miss Sunday, also this one request I get for epic dna is beginning to suck also, ludia we cannot continue playing the game without epics to level our Dino’s up, the amount of epic spawns are so low compared to common and even rare, please fix this algorithm

I have 2 in range. Maybe move around?

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Moving around doesn’t help the coin boxes are legit outside of the neighborhood parameter. Most of us would have to walk a bit of a distance and on a rainy bc Sunday that’s kinda hard. This is now my third Sunday in a row this has happened, I think it’s a gps issues

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See all outside the perimeter

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Same thing happened with myself as well

I don’t pay for the monthly subscription for the extra distance that I can reach. What about you lilmsjennie? Do you pay for the monthly subscription? I wonder if that has anything to do with not being able to reach the boxes!

No I don’t pay for the subscription either, if I could afford too I probably would but sadly no I’m not a subscriber, I usually have at minimum 2 boxes on the rare Sunday but the past two sundays have been nothing. Major gps issue I think but BC where I live is also going through a major river event too so could be the cause of gps issues

I should also add that it’s now 7:30pm local time and I haven’t had one single coin box in my circle yet