This week's dinosaurs


What are this week’s dinosaurs? They won’t show up on my phone.


I would like to know too


Ok if I remember correctly today is the Utahraptor, tomorrow is Baryonyx, Saturday is Indoraptor and Sunday is Blue. I don’t know why they took it off the app. It was there for maybe an hour than gone again.


So if you’re really serious about this game you need to go to a park for the rest of the week because Baryonyx and Blue are both Epics and Indoraptor is a Unique. Beyond worth going out of your way for. Especially Blue considering she is literally game breaking because she is the fastest dinosaur in the game and far stronger than any of the other Raptors.



Lol they just added it back once I posted about it lol


Blue is the fastest dinosaur in the game EXCEPT the regular Velociraptor.

Blue’s speed stat is 131.

Velociraptor is 132, so the regular VRaptor will go first every time.

Which infuriatingly means the Velociraptor needs to be a must-have just to take out Blue in a timely manner.


That’s not actually a problem for me cuz I have 3 special drops right at my house