This weeks epic battles

Doesn’t seem so bad except for raptor


Thanks for sharing bro!
Just my thoughts …

  1. anything with immunity or cleanse

  2. anything with SS +/- decel/thago

  3. a combo of defense shatterers & bleeders


Oh that‘s making me hopeful. The KoolaDiplo tower is the same as that from few weeks ago. I‘ll use same strategy.
The one with Brachiosaurus looks more or less easy. I‘m gonna do it the same way as I did with Diorajasaur just letting her bleed out.

Not sure about the raptors, made some bad experiences with ridiculously many crits and an investment of 700$ to finally win it.

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So , since last week it’s the same epic strike that we already got, less planning though

3 free epic incubator is really good, not so hard so really nice !

Raptors one will be hard though especially if they critical. REally need high level tanks

True, bleeders is not really good vs raptor squad.