This Week's Epic Strike Event - Hard (?)

Houston we have a problem here…:scream:


Lol that in metahubs data mine so its most lkkely legit too.

Hm… I’d say Delta (20), Monomimus (23), Spinotasuchus (23) and Stegodeus (26)

unique turkey has only strike moves on turn one, so not a problem, can still put out a bleed.

He also will run away to cleanse himself :expressionless:


Exactly, this is another huge problem. The only chance is he uses stunning moves instead of hit and run, so 2 turns of DoT

My tactic for this strike event…im gonna hippitty hippitty myself over to another game until it’s over so I can save myself a loss. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, that’s a nightmare.

So sad you all are so worried. I haven’t even made these dino’s yet. Seasons don’t fear the reaper, man. How bad could it be?


People will make fun of you and call you a stupid-head or a ninny-nanny if you lose!

What more do you need to be afraid of??



So 2 dinos that amongst other moves stun. Hopefully this means that Ludia bots are able to handle being stunned and don’t just potato when they see a shield.


Hm …
First one is doable, as I never have a problem playing against, second one will be tough to beat.

Cloak and evasive tactic?

Yeah I think I might lose that one :joy::joy:

Every weeks I managed to put a plan to succeed but I think this one is going to be really really hard with my low levels xD

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Going to use Spinotasuchus first and then that swap in and bleed flier for diloran

What are the health and stats?

I think I’ll just use Monomimus, Indoraptor and Indominus and pray that I actually dodge.

There is like no other legit tactic I can think of right now.

Edit: maybe squeeze in a Stegodeus somewhere. That could work.


Seems like only dodge/evasive is the way for win using my Dinos :frowning:

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Unless he stuns you. 75% chance is high.

Spino has to start 1st. Lethal wound 1x plus 0.33x dot. That’ll clear more than half Red Dilo’s health.
Swoop out putting another 0.2x dot. Total 0.53x dot. Stego must be 2nd out & 1st move must be Thagomizer. Red Dilo will hit 1st and the dot will kick in, killing it. Since you have already chosen your move, Stego will act first. The Thag 1x will slow Green Dilo down immediately. Stego APR 2x and probably dies after Green Dilo’s attack. Now it’s a matter of cleanup cos Green Dilo will only have half its health left.

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