This Week's Epic Strike Event - Hard (?)

Start with stegod, ss followed by either thagomiser or rampage. Utahsino has a strong start on dillloran being 127 speed. Distracting followed by stun followed by critical impact. Suchotator is good because you can bleed, distract, bleed so even if they swap you have a good chance. But the dodge option is a 50/50 option

What about starting with Spinotahsuchus then Swooping to Dimodactylus? Spinota has same speed as Dilocheirus.

The opnener will be random. We need to open with something that could provide a good start against both. Spinotasuchs might be up to that challenge.

But diloranch will outspeed spino regardless…this combo would be really good against dilorano

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You do not have to be negative. A joy is that neither of them, as far as I know, crosses neither armor nor shield. I think that my tragodistis and stegodeus level ups are going to be very useful !!!

They have same speed, so weneed to be faster as AI. There is no faster counter for Diloracheirus that can survive 3200 damage.

Does dimodactylus’s SIA stack with lethal wound? Thinking of starting with Spinotasuchus and using lethal wound and then if it’s dilorano use swoop to stegodeus. If it’s green chicken use lethal wound then swap to the flyer. Not sure yet how to deal with the second though!

No it doesn’t matter, because it is level 30 so the higher level acts first. Secondly, even if you possessed a lv30 spino, rarity takes priority, so unique>legendary, hence it will act first anyways

As I said before, my tactic will be clear. Tanks with a lot of health, armor and shield. If possible, with elimination of “harm reduction”. I even considered the inclusion of Alankylosauro.

These two “bad bugs” should hit my stegodeus of 26 and my tragodistis of 24 many times before knocking them down. Moreover, only with these two I think I can make the fight decided. I’ll do the calculations tonight.

Maybe a good time for dracorex gen2 to prove itself as a finisher?

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Ooooo… I like it!!!

DoT(read, The Force) doesn’t work that way!
It’ll kick in after both parties have made their moves.

Hard is an understatement. It’s going to be dang near impossible for most. Wrote a guide up on it and did the math.


Too scared to look lol, thank you!

I think impossible is the right term for many people. I think I can do it but it’s gonna be rough to say the least.

Yeah the dot abilities can stack :wink:

I’m hoping the green chicken will come out first since it’s way easier to kill, I’d just use my stegoceratops or stegodeus to get it to around 1000 health then switch into draco gen 2 to finish the job, then they are left with one creature and suchotator beats it hands down.

L25 megalo
L26 Stego
L25 Indor
L18 Drac 2

I don’t think I can do it unless maybe suchatator instead of someone…

The dna you get from this will be in a variety or in event ranged?

If you think you can’t do it , me with average lvl 18 dino It’s impossible xD