This Week's "Epic Strike Events" Leaks

From a German Youtuber:
For Saturday:

  • T Rex Gen 2 (30)
  • Dimetrodon Gen 2 (30)

For Sunday:

  • Gorgosaurus (19)
  • TRex (20)
  • Irritator (21)

Sunday’s event is actually a 3 step so I’d assume those 3 dinos are the last stage. Seems easy enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wounder where he take the leaked info :thinking:

r u s s i a n s


Ok but, where :joy: I mean a website like metahub

Oh it‘s Stormy again! :hugs:

Well guess it‘ll be a tough one. Thinking about Indom lvl 18 (cloak) and Stegodeus and perhaps stegocera for stuns against those not immune dinos.