This Week's Epic Strike Events

For Saturday

For Sunday

Pretty Easy.


Second day could be tough


especially in a romance language - i gotta brush up.

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Well again a week with no epic battle incubator for me. :confused:

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But thanks for sharing that information. :slight_smile:

Level 30 raptor and funky ostrich will pose a threat but the 3 raptors won’t be so hard

Can somebody put the stats of these two on level 30 please? Thx!!



Honestly, nearly all of that will go down with an SS/APR combo from Stegod. Not even remotely worried this week.


Correct me if im wrong: the velociraptor only takes 2245 ( whitout critic) from a 30% armor dino like Stegodeus.


Gotta get me a turkey and thaw it out this week so I can brine it next week, thanks for the reminder Ludia.

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2246 :joy:

My stegod is level 21 so atk 800. SS+APR (2400) and the raptor goes down, then Ornitho will be meat for Monomimus :revolving_hearts:


Think the ostreich might be harder then thought with evasive and impact and run i can put money on this coming first


Monomimus will get to solo the epic tower again. Bless that colorful ostrich wannabe!

Is the Sunday event with the three Dino’s just one battle or 3 separate battles like last week

Single battle according to this:

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Oh ok thanks

Hi German, do not give up so soon !!! Beating a velociraptor of 30 is not that difficult if you have a minimally powerful tank that holds the first blow, has speed reduction and enough strength in the second and perhaps third blow. With a Stegodeus it is very easy but it is possible that you do not have Stegodeus. What it is possible that you have is a moderately potent stegoceratops or even a level 17 amargocephalus or neuropathy of similar level can serve. Something similar can happen with the Onithomimus. With relatively common tanks (amargocephalus, diptosaurus, stegoceratops and even stegosauro).

Think that a simple 15 stegosauro that I understand that almost everyone can do a damage of 1682.5 before he dies !!!

Also, think that unlike other challenges here, in principle, there are no critics or invisibility so it is easier to prepare the tactics. If you need help, with tactics, ask me for it. I put myself in your place in the challenge of last Saturday! :frowning:


Where do they post this?

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