This Week's Epic Strike Guide... TERRIFYING

Yup. It’s worse than we thought.

Indominus Rex? Dead without a crit.
Stegodeus? Hope you have it at level 26+
Tragodistis? It’ll extend your suffering. :wink:

Get that Kapro for a spinotahsuchus. Even a fresh Spinotah at 16 is gonna help considerably. And check out the guide below.


I got chills!!! This is gonna be fun…

Thanks for the guide!!!

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Brutal :skull:

Level 30 stegod wont kill either but will brutally hurt both. Ill be fine



Oh wow. Good thing!!! And here I was worried about you for a moment, JAustin.


My only thoughts on this is try and beat them down with tanks then maybe finish off with Velo

Definitely something i mention in the article. It’s possible. It’s just risky. I usually assume all level 20 dinos or under when writing these guides as that’s where most free to play players who play pretty consistently are at. And a level 20 velo may clean up vs one dino with 1000 health left, but not two. So if you tank it and they kill two tanks before either dies, you’re hosed without a third tank.

L25 megalo 4000 health and a shield worth trying?

Tanks with cleanse is a must. Megalo will be hit hard with 50% damage

@MNBrian thanks again for the article really appreciate it.

i wonder if my strat from last week would work… spinotosuchus>tuojiangosaurus(swap in slow)>suchotator>deus.

also can you please elaborate more on your crazy idea 2? thankyou

Thanks, faced my first green chicken the other night so not familiar. Moving on to next idea…

It’s definitely challenging!! I’m interested to hear how it goes for everyone! :slight_smile:

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Gah! I really want to do this strike tower! Here is hoping someone at Apple can fix my GameCenter issue in time!!!

I already know I’m going to die horribly, but still going to give it a go!

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And of course, the long invincibility bug that makes you lose strike events, makes this even more impossible for low / mid level players (with my dinos my only non RNG luck solution involved using invincibility dinos to even up the odds of getting a few hits in)

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@MNBrian Just got interesting idea. What about starting with Tany? Outspeeds both, but needs to be lvl 20, 21 at least. Should survive first hit from both and do some damage after distraction. Nullifying from lvl 21 should do 1767 damage. If Diloracheirus starts that means 4194-1767= 2427. Second hit, if Diloracheirus starts with distraction not SS, from Tany would be 589 (distracted) that means 1838 hp left on Diloracheirus and Velo lvl 20 can clean it before Diloracheirus runs. But then you need to swap out Velo for tank or counter attack dino.

EDIT: Lvl 20 Tany should do the trick too 1683+561 damage means that Diloracheirus remains with 1950 hp. Velo lvl 20 has 1970 damage with Pounce.

It’d work but you’re still assuming T2 is the massive stun instead of the rampage and run. And unfortunately the harder of the two (Diloranosaurus) wouldn’t die by that 3 shot. The total using Tany and Velo is 4326 in that way. And with only 971 health on velo, it only gets one shot. Even a pounced dilorano will one shot a level 20 velo with either an impact or a rampage.

I did think of this strategy, but you’re basically losing 2 dinos to take out one, and if Dilorano leads instead of DIloraich, you’re not even taking out one. You’re taking out 80% of one. And your remaining tank(s) are going to be in deep crap trying to get rid of the leftovers.


What if I started with Tany 24 and immediately after first hit swap into 15 suchomimous (will do a bleed on swap in .25! Than swap into 20 Stegoceratops and slow and do as many stuns as possible! If Tany is alive I can swap back or swap back to sucho and keep 24 stegodeus in reserve.

Would this work?

Yes, that’s the problem here. I just can’t find better option to clear Diloracheirus. For Dilorano there are many options. If turn 2 would be RnR then it’s easy to finish Dilorano.
Raptors are ideal for this event, just need to be over lvl 15. Blue is best as Delta and Charlie are good options. Pyrri or Utasino can take out Dilorano if Pyrri can squeeze in RTC. Only problem is cleaning out Diloracheirus or stacking Distractions.
If turn two is RnR then bleeders can’t do the trick.