This Week's Epic Strike Guide... TERRIFYING

Lol take ur level 15 raptor into battle lmk how that goes lol

I’ll just start with my L29 ankylocodon (immunity!!), slow, shield, attack… should at least kill one of them… then maybe tuojiango with swap in slow, distracting, and thagomizer, then finish off with something, maybe a counter attack with dioraja… or immunity with tryostronix

not too concerned.

Its alright for some lol!

Well for the newbs, we should see how they swap out. The AI will go for the kill rather than swap out. So a level 15 suchotator could bleed and distract which would take 70% of any if their health down. After that im not sure lol

Does dot affect on a hit and run? Or does it nit work if they make that movr as they swap out?

Sounds like a good weekend to stay home. :rofl:


I believe if they swap they stop! Bleeding that is!

I’m tempted by this.
A slight modification though. Just keep Velo 20 & a SIA bleeder. Velo does 1950 and survives (no crits). Swap it with bleeder which dies and deals 1275. Bring in Velo back to clean-up with Pounce. You can now take 985 of your Velo or swap-in for another bleeder. That ways last dino has to take down only 50% of the other Dilo.

Why this might be safer is because the Bot isn’t bleeding. Ludia has been improving their bot’s decisions. I’m afraid the bots will swap in Turn 2 if it’s bleeding.

Why it’s a nightmare is because the last dino has to endure two 2x damages out of which first one is 66% Stun. Either have a Stegodeus 25 or hope to cloak with IRex 20. So as a lower level player, I’ll still go with @MNBrian 's Crazy Idea 2.

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Slightly crazy idea (partly inspired by @Rantz) - start with Utasinoraptor L20 …

If Diloran starts hit it with DI, IC, CI and with Drocorex Gen 2 (L16) ready as soon as its health drops below 1400.

If Dilorach starts (or swaps in) swap in Tuojiangosaurus L20 with 50% slow down and then Thagomizer which will slow it 50% for 3 turns and keep hitting it + counter until it dies; if it kills me bring Utasino back and hope it is still slowed …

Utasinoraptor, Tuijiangosaurus, Dracorex Gen 2, Stegoceratops L24 (backup)

Crazy or not? :crazy_face:

Guess Ludia doesn‘t want too many players to have access to free epic incubators.


hmmm that tuojiangosaurus swap in sounds like my idea :thinking:

hope some of yall record your attempts… im in for a good horror movie :joy:

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Ah - just noticed that; I was considering putting a bleeder in - I have L21 Spinotasuchus and L21 Suchotator but not sure who to sacrifice - the Dracorex is invaluable in the right situation but a DOT with the HP these guys have would also be good … arrggghhh

I will bleed them all, only that posisbility for me, coz not have dino level more than 18, except stego level 20. And if fail, let it go. Hahaha

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Solid strategy. :slight_smile: If you open with Stegocera instead, however, you’ll know for sure what you’re getting. Stegocera should beat diloraich and severely wound before dying Dilorano. Then you can follow up with utahsino.

Thanks for the feedback Brian - this one is going to be “fun”.

But surely if you open with Stegocera you are going to give them the first hit which will probably distract and may crit (given my luck in these events WILL crit) but with Utasinoraptor vs Diloran you get to hit it first and with distract; vs Dilorach you sacrifice Tuojiango to slow it down and again get in first. Or am I missing something? (which is entirely possible)

Edit : using Tuo to slow it doesn’t mean you hit first as it still gets its move in after the SIA.

I think the 5 battle Epic out now maybe only one I get.

Stegoceratops can bug towers when you get a stun. I’ve used it successfully on Indoraptor and other dino’s bugged. You need to wait until the timer gets to 0 when you stun an AI Dino. It may or may not work after that.

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Hmmm - just tried my strategy out in the 5 battle epic strike tower - one thing I overlooked is that if you swap in Tuo your opponent still gets its initial shot in; so if Dilorach is first then Tuo is only likely to get one shot in before being killed; if this is Thag then great, Dilorach is slowed for 3 turns but you’ve lost a creature. Aargghh. My head hurts. Might just throw two speedy raptors (Utasino and Pyrittator), Dracorex G2 and a bleeder - Spinotasuchus - then just pray.

On the plus side the 5 battle tower was easy enough and some very nice DNA. Makes beating the next one more important. Got enough T-Rex for 4 I-Rex fuses and got 30 30 20 20 - sweet! And then 20 30 on Indoraptor :smile:

Same here same here, my highest is velo at lvl 19 so I will hope that they don’t swap at turn 2 …

Thanks for the article @MNBrian. Will wait to see how the event shapes up for others but looks like I’ll be praying to the RNG Gods pretty heavily on this one. “Cloak don’t fail me now!?” :grimacing::crossed_fingers::8ball::game_die:


Should be an exciting event regardless of how the cookie crumbles

Definitely! Some of the fun of these events is just trying to beat the challenge. :slight_smile:

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