This Week's Epic Strike Guide... TERRIFYING

I do not know if it is a suicidal idea but I am thinking about using the Dimorphodon (I was thinking about Dimodactylus but because of its speed the dimorphodon is better) in combination with Spinotasuchus. The other two would possibly be Stegodeus and Indoraptor or stegoceratops …
I appear with Spinotasuchus. If the machine starts with Diloranosaurus I will be faster and I will be able to bloody in the first blow and return to blood with exchange in the second. The one who enters (which I hope is not the Dimorphdon) must surely bear only one turn and Dilonosaurus will be dead and I will still have 4 alive (2 injured) so I should have no problem to end the Diloracheirus.
If he makes the Diloracheirus appear first I can only bloody once with Spinotasuchus but I change to Dimorphodon and go back to bloodshot though Dimorphodon will die at the first blow. The Diloracheirus has only one gope left before dying (if it does not change) and I have lost only one dino. I enter a tank (stegodeus) that must hold a hard blow and remove enough life to the Dilonosauro so that Stegoceratops (or Indoraptor) finishes it

as you see?

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Quitters never win. Oh I quit after loss. :smile:

Every Bleed was followed by rampage and run. Don’t think I had a chance not worth paying I think.

Who came out 1st?

Won with a mid lvl team. Suchotator 18, spinothasuchus 16, alanky 17 and stegodeus( didn’t need to use it).

  1. Sucho bleed
  2. Sucho distract
  3. Alanky swap in
    Dilo doesn’t rampage and run, dies!!
  4. Superiority strike
  5. Rampage (alanky dies)
  6. Spinothasuchus bleed first and for the win (could have been a veloci or tany, just faster than dilourano…)
    Hope i helped someone!

Who came out first

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The unique one

Beat this with a level 22 monostegotops lead and a level 25 indoraptor as a follow up! Beat it with 154 health or so left!

They did NOT swap T2 for me.
Both went Distract > GS > swap.
I beat it (sloppily) with Spinotahsuchus > Stegodeus > Monostego > Dimodactylus.

I’m a complete muppet :rofl: L21 Spinotasuchus had Dilorach down to around 1000 before dying … perfect swap in Dracorex G2 and he’s dead … but rather than picking another creature and swapping it in, I selected it directly instead … went downhill rapidly from there :rofl: rookie error

Soloed it with stegod. Dilor used distract. Inused ss(got crit)>rampage. Dilorach dead. Next dilorano used distract. I used ss>shield. He used stun, and it missed. I used thago>rampage. Game over

Ankylocodon, Stegod. Done.

Really don’t think I can accomplish this event but I’m going to give it a go. I’ve been stewing on a plan all day:

  1. Suchotator (15) - Lethal Wound
  2. Swap to Suchomimus (11)
  3. Suchomimus dies
  4. Velociraptor (20) - Pounce
  5. Swap in Dimorphodon (6)
  6. Dimorphodon dies
  7. Velociraptor - Pounce

I think it could work… but probably ONLY if they never swap. If they swap my DoT is trash and I’m done.


It totally worked great!!!


I feel the pain. Did the exact same thing. Had to pay the fine of 200.

Nice hybrid version of what I was taking about! :smiley:

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I’m still not sure how I managed to lose only one dino. I swapped suchutator for Alanky and cheirus had swapped to saurus which killed my birdie. Brought in spinotasuchus and I can’t remember what move al used so i swooped to stegod who survived with a little over 1000 left.

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