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This weeks Epic strike leaks


Both seem very easy


Trex -> bleed
7 step tower are easy in general


But probably Suchotator, as Spinotasuchus can be one shot if not really high lvl.

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Almost any bleeders, 2 is enough, spinota and dimorphodon are enough , just stack the bleeding and rex is dead on turn 3

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Sucho also dies it its not at least on level 21 or 22 I think… but it doesn’t matter. A low level player can win this one.

1 - Sucho or Spino uses wound… then die
2 - Send in any dino and immediately swap to Dimo, Dimo dies but Rex bleeds more

And that should be enough… If not, any dino can finish the job.


this is a great strategy :slight_smile:
I would go like this: so a lvl30 t-rex has 5 287 hp
Start with dilorano (lvl18 even if t-rex crits on DSI it still survives) base damage is 812 - use distracting impact (1 218) + impact and run (1 218)
Impact and run into dracorex gen2 (lvl17) 735*2 damage (1 470) - dracorex gen2 dies
Bring in any dino that can do a minimum of 1 381 damage and done




Bleed Rexy to Death!


you literally can use all level 1 dinos. Lethal wound. Next any Dino and swap to sia Wound


To think that the first lv30 Rex was the first Epic Tower that I lost… didn’t have any bleeders then (and they weren’t that damaging)… so much easier today.


I lost it too , didnt have great dinos and bleeding wasn’t that OP for this kind of tower.


For the rex, two lethal wound users in a row can finish the job. Suchotator + Spino gen2 at creation level are enough. 2 lethal wound is already 99% hp at turn 2 + the 1 X damage on lethal wound, more than enough.


Ready we should be when Trex comes we are.

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Level 28 rinex ramp>impact and run. Dead rex :joy:


Omg nurf it


I’ll probably go with lvl 19 Utahsino, DSI, CI, IC and Tany or Deino for cleanup. Utasino should survive one hit.


Yep that Rexy strike will be one of the easiest ones. I have no worries about it, kinda feel bad for Rexy getting her butt kicked by so many players but hey free incubator! :sweat_smile:

I‘m very excited to see that multistep epic tower.

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Bleed it to death!!!


Maybe I will try not to use bleed for trex, going to think about it. Someone have the stats of rex at 30?


5287 2188 @Pepito_Aie