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This weeks epic towers


Doesn’t seem too bad


Thanks for these heads ups. Love having time to plan. Cheers hey :slight_smile:


I lost the first indo tower … haha
Time for a rematch!!


Getting set to get rekt by Indo


What I’ve noticed is AI always uses the highest damage move per turn. So probably cleanse first move then dsr.
Good first Dino is stegod. Thago then rampage. Should just need faster dinos after that to clean up the mess

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Just my rough calculations
Tower 1:
Vrap: 2372hp 1604 damage
ornithomimus: 3283hp 1704 damage

Tower 3:
Indo: 4740hp 1702 damage


Seems easy enough… I won against Indoraptor months ago and, although I was a little lucky at that time, my team is way stronger now.

They seem to be repeating some Epic Towers on weekends. Maybe that deadly duo of Alankylosaurus and Indoraptor comes back… Spent money two times to retry that one and failed. Hope I’m ready for them now if they really come =)

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Hmm. I am too tired to look up the stats. Does anyone know if the SIA of a level 20 Draco G2 is enough to one shot the level 30 raptor before it gets an attack in?


Second one is probably last step of three.
Not too tough towers.
Only Indo can be tricky.


Just looking at the Indoraptor event. I’ve come up with this and haven’t gone over it 100 times yet but it seems pretty solid and I’m trying to assume all worst case scenarios:
Edit: Ok I wrote it out but got too messy so keeping it simple;
Suchotator: lethal
Vrap: pounce
Tanycolagreus: Nullify
Dracorex G2: Swap in Rampage
Order may change depending on evasion and could still go wrong especially with an opening Cleanse + Critical but you would need to be pretty unlucky to loose with this… I think :thinking:
Levels can vary but having hp above 1702, 2553 or 3404 could be the difference in surviving and getting another hit in. The damage doesn’t really matter it’s just the dodge that will hurt.
Just an idea and I’ll probably change before the tower appears. I wanna bleed it more maybe cleanse has a 2 turn cool down.

SPINOTASUCHUS: if you are considering using it just DON’T open with it. Bring it in after Indo has used cleanse.
At L19 it should survive the first hit (although 20% critical won’t be completely shocking if you die from cleanse turn one doing bugger all damage). Suchotator is definitely a better opener

Good luck guys


No it’s not. L20 Dracorex should do 1702 ish damage
Where Vrap has ~2372 hp

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It will depend on RNG since he can crit easily and use evasive stance. So I will bleed that thing to death. Gonna use Suchotator, and if he cleanse the wound, I’ll swap to Dimo to bleed it again!


Just watch out for evasion, so Tanny could be a good choice or Spinotasuchus too


Suchotator can nullify too.


Yeah but he’s probably going to die early (I’m trying to assume worst case scenarios) plus I want him to bleed. Because he is slower he will always get at least one bleed in plus the strike damage also. (Just pray you avoid the opening cleanse + Crit unless your L23 then your safe anyway).


I’m gonna use lvl 24 sucho, 21 spino, then tank it.

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Ah right on, ty. I’ll just Tryko it down then. :wink:


Worst case scenario is Indo using Cleanse first turn and crit… Suchotator dies without bleeding him… Now that I thought about it, I’ll start with Stegod… It’s safer

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Thinkin about the players who dont have stegod (which yeah is beat starter!) A team of swap in bleeders could do the trick!

Monostego to start if they have that would help too as he could take a crit from cleanse due to armour


My monostego owned indo last time so it is defintely going to open. From there, it is easy peasy.

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