This weeks event epic incubator


Bought one of these even though I know they arnt really worth it but I was curious to see what I’d get and had some extra bucks saved up.
Here are my results


You what it? Bought it?


Having been down that’s road myself… It leads to nothing but a little frustration and a bit less cash in the bank…

To be honest that’s not awful by no means though… I have had total rubbish in the past… Which has convinced me to stay away :slight_smile:


Honestly that’s a rough outcome most of them are on map to catch easy if you bUs or drive around looking . Thanks for sharing always good to see what’s the payout :+1:



I wish I knew what the payout was going to be before I spend the money. Especially on the one time level ups. At least you get enough money to buy other incubators and such with a one time offer on level ups. And you get enough of the coins to keep leveling up anything else that you might create. Of course, 50 bucks to keep yourself going is a big price to pay when you get DNA that doesn’t really help your big Dino’s. I would like to see some tea Rex or something major in these incubators! How about some blue candy??


I’m more excited for this week’s event incubator. We have blue and pyroraptor this time. I’m completing a tap joy offer for enough cash to get it


I purchased this week’s incubator and there was no Blue dna.


Well she’s epic. It doesn’t guarantee epic DNA. But I think its worry a shot


Just received an Epic Incubator after winning 4 battles straight, which is a rarity. Does the type of incubator factor in from winning the number of battles?


No. The incubators are on a set cycle.