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This weeks events?

Does anyone know this weeks event? Hope it’s Carbynemys or eucladoceros, really need them for testacornibus!
Meolania or wooly rhino would be Nice aswell!


The only good thing about this event is the Darwin

Testa is currently the hybrid pursuit. Last week Carbonemys was out, this week it will be Nasuto, then next week it should be Eucla.

Where did you get this? I can’t see it in the official Event Calnedars section.

But if it’s true, I’m really happy for Sarcosuchus, Sarcorixis being my new favorite dino since the update, and Sarcosuchus being battle exclusive, I’m going to dart that one like no tomorrow. :smiley:

With the boa strike and Spino being featured, I might be able to start working on Spinocon

Don’t bother watching the “official” Event Calendars section because they fail to be proactive with updating it.

Instead you should look for it here each Sunday:

Ah, I see, thank you very much. :slight_smile: