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This weeks featured dinos


It was rumored to be raptors again and it is…


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Yes!! velociraptors, I’m cool with this weeks event.

26 indo here we go :grimacing:

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I see it’s the same stuff repeated again these were only a few weeks ago…

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It’s been at least a month if not two… i don’t mind the raptors at all. This is one of those few events that’ll probably help every player across the board.


It’s gunna mean a lot of riding in 48 hours!

Haha, I’m shooting for 48/48 and at least 12k DNA in total :dart:

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Let’s motivate each other, it’s going to be a long hunt haha :grin: We got this 48/48.

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How many times did we have this SAME EVENT WEEK Ludia???


I might have to do something about this…


I’m feeling lazy for next week’s event. I can’t find enough Dilophosaurus to make use of the Deinocheirus. May go for Blue instead of Pyroraptor, though. :thinking:


True but this event is so much better then the last one…or the two birds one… every common is good… ill end targeting galli but ill take whatever… the rares are meh… but i targeted blue.last time for novelty and regretted it… now maybe i can put to use the 300 irritator dna i have…

Id take this event atleast once a month.


This weeks commons is going to help so many people, whether it’s gallimimus for monomimus, velociraptors indom/indo, and deinocheirus for the new unique. That will help many get to lvl 20s. This is free dna, lets just be happy we get something. :slightly_smiling_face:


Theme don’t bother. We’ve seen all the events and they are all pointless. They only made 5 events apparently.

Got 25k Galli. Where is the Monolophosaurus.
Still 1400 Pyroraptor left from last time.
15k of v. Raptor also.

Where is the other half of the Hybrid. Ludia need to do events or migrations. Lazy repeats.


Just weird this is the 3rd time we’ve have the exact same event.


@Heather hussh you… go bake me a cake :slight_smile:


Lets not forget the fact that tawny is a viable end game dino and a good counter to most of those hybrids.

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to be fair, they pretty much did one of them ^^

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Oh, nooo, again?!
We had this week twice! :frowning:


All the commons are viable but, I’ll probably go for Gallimimus.:joy:
I’ll pass on rares then go for Pyroraptor. :wink:


But seriously though :

Who doesn’t want to create (or evolve) their indominus/indoraptor??

(Or even just stock up on galliminus … which soaks up 500 for a single monomimus fuse :scream:)


I guess it’s time to finish this guy and build my Velociraptor up to level twenty.