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This Week's Incubator


This week’s incubator is actually one of the few I’ve seen worth it for a while. Basically you’re buying the cash for normal price but getting extra 115k coins and the DNA (which is marginal at best). I haven’t spent money aside from VIP for a while because the deals were not worth it but I figure for the amount I’m playing the game what’s $19.95 to boost it.

The problem I’m having is I can’t gain any ground. Mostly what I need to level up needs T-Rex or Irritator which are almost impossible to find. So buying coins seems pointless when I have nothing to use them on.

So my hint to Ludia is give us the DNA we want and then deals worth buying the coins if you want to increase revenues.


I’m wanting tenoto dna and it’s not in that incubator. A little bummed out about it.


I’m with you on T-Rex and Irritator.
Those are my road blocks. I’ve attempted to get T-Rex with Epic scents but my luck is terrible.
If they REALLY want to make money? Sell a crazy over priced Irritator scent.


Breakdown of in-game ‘value’ compared to purchasing the $99.99 USD buck package:

Buck cost ‘value’: $17.33 USD

Coin cost ‘value’: $13.80 USD

Total ‘value’ of Incubator: $31.13 USD

Savings of: $11.14 USD

A 55.7% ‘savings’ over purchasing in bulk at regular prices.

Plus you receive 7552 in DNA.