This weeks park event


So day two and still the same lame commons. I have yet to shot any of my 20 whatever chances at them. When will the exciting show up?


Tomorrow. July 2nd and 3rd was one event. 4th and 5th is one event. Etc. Your counter will reset tomorrow too.


It’s basically like all the previous weeks … you can see the showcase dinosaurs and which will be up when. They just combined Mon/Tues and Wednes/Thurs and Fri/Satur now.


This image shows you what’s coming up:

Monday and Tuesday are the two Commons (24 chances total).

Wednesday and Thursday will be the two Epics (probably 6 chances total).

Friday and Saturday will be the two Rares (again probably 6 chances total).

Sunday will be the Legendary (most likely only 1 or 2 chances).


Which is pretty much the same thing as before except if there is one epic you want more than another you can use the 3 extra darts on it. This doesn’t seem to follow the explanation they gave us that darts attempts won’t be based on type of Dinos. It is still exactly that except you have 2 options.