This week's showcase dinosaurs?


Typically the new weekly park dinos show up in the mail section Monday at 10, but I am not seeing them.

What are the showcase dinosaurs this week?



Why dont I see this in my game like usual?

Also the special offer isnt appearing up top either


Try closing out of the app completely and re-opening it to see the special offer.

The event listing is not currently visible in the news section (probably because it doesn’t show the full week’s worth of events), but what @David_Courtney is correct and straight from the JWA Twitter feed.

If the updated showcase event schedule doesn’t appear by the end of the week, it will be in its proper place in time for next week’s event schedule…If you do think you’re missing out on an updated event or something, though, don’t hesitate to close out of the app and re-launch it.


Follow them on Twitter too, they tweet them out every Sunday without fail.